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Windows 10 gets a whiteboard

Remote workers, bi-coastal teams, crowdsourcing projects: there are many reasons to use collaboration tools, but few rely on the stylus or the pen input. Microsoft has been bothering its own Whiteboard application for some time, and now a public preview is available.

In May, Microsoft showed some Whiteboard and other Office updates compatible with the stylus while talking about the latest Surface Pro updates. The application just launched promises to be a collaborative tool to share in real time drawings, photos, graphics and more, not only for Surface products, but also for any Windows 10 system.

Whiteboard preview, available here, It's free, with a trick. Any Windows 10 user can download and use it. To save work in the cloud, you must log in to a Microsoft account and, to collaborate with a group, at least one member must be an Office 365 subscriber.

The Whiteboard preview is now available for the version in English of Windows 10, with support for other languages ​​that come in "a few months", according to Microsoft.

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