Windhorst: ‘A lot of heat right now in Milwaukee

Giannis Entetoconpo will be offered a Supermax extension by the Milwaukee Bucks at the start of free agency, which could be the NBA’s most influential for this story and this 2021.

The Bucks already improved their roster by trading for Junior Holiday.

In a podcast recorded before the Holiday Trade, Brian Windhorst said, “I wonder how Giannis feels because he’s watching at the moment, you know what he’s thinking.” “Because he has about a month to decide on his supermax. I think he is about to decide very soon. And I think it’s too hot in Milwaukee right now. I’ll just leave it there.”

Many teams are waiting to see what Antetokompomo does of this offseason before it becomes too aggressive in hopes of becoming available in 2021. If Antetokonampo signs the Supermax with the Bucks, those teams can quickly pivot elsewhere during this offseason.

“Well, first, there’s a whole bunch of teams planning a 2021 game out of Milwaukee waiting for news,” Windiest said. “Okay? And I need to say my feelings on this, because I don’t want to get into trouble, my feelings have changed on what could happen there in the last two months. Okay? And am I available on Giannis teams? Was planning to? ” I can develop my backup plan a little bit quicker. “


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