Willowbrook reeling after a fatal shootout

Willowbrook’s community has been battling back-to-back fatal shootings on Saturday: one was involved in the deputy shooting of a black man on Friday afternoon, and the other involved two teenage boys following a car crash He was shot and killed the night before. before this.

As Los Angeles County Sheriff’s detectives investigated the shootings, tensions rose among many area residents who struggle to face concern over the eradication of violent crime in the southeast of their city.

Throughout the day on Saturday, dozens of people walked to Mona Park and usually a neighborhood fence where Fred Williams III, a 25-year-old shot and killed by a sheriff’s deputy after a brief chase, was seen on the side of the candle and rap music Gathered at the curbside memorial.

Among them was 57-year-old Sandy Hendrix, a neighbor who had known Williams since he was a young boy.

Shaking his head towards the park’s playground and not trying to cry, he recalled, “I used to push him on the swing right there. He loved her, and so I never even dreamed that he would one day be shot by the police less than a block away from the set of that swing. ”

Another, Lisa Smith, 52, was a witness who called Williams “my child”.

“A lot of us were just chilling in the park parking when the depot rolled in a squad car,” she said. Calling his arrival a problem for the group, he said, “We started running.”

“A policeman walked after Fred and after a few seconds, Fred disappeared around a corner,” he recalled. “Then I heard four shots. Pop, pop, pop, pop. ”

Sheriff’s officials say that when they saw a group of 10 to 15 people, one of them was conducting regular patrol checks of Mona Park, one of which was “holding a gun in his hand.”

“When the suspect saw the duties, he said,” a department spokesman said, “and immediately ran out of the parking lot going south.” ”

“One of them followed a suspicious path and into the backyard of a deserted residence,” he said. “The suspect then engaged the deputy at which the deputy involved shooting, at which point he indicated his shotgun.”

Authorities said Williams died at the scene. A semi-automatic handgun was later recovered by investigators at the scene.

In a nearby home where Williams was living, his father, Fred Williams Jr., 44, was annoyed at an unanswered question: Why did detectives not explain to him the circumstances that led to his son’s fatal shooting?

“They would all tell me that my son was shot in the shoulder once,” she said, tears welled up in her eyes. “She was shot forward or backward? I don’t know. They won’t tell me.”

Relatives said his son was released from prison a month ago after serving time for a robbery conviction. He was eager to start a new job as a security guard on Tuesday.

Williams’ father is not satisfied with the sheriff’s explanation.

“Since I was 12 years old, I have been thrown out of the back seat of police vehicles,” he said. “What else do you need to know?”

“We are being killed by the police,” he said. “The big question is: when will it close?”

The disturbance in Willowbrook began around 11 a.m. Thursday night in the 12200 block of Maple Avenue when two male teenagers were shot and killed while driving down the street in search of an address, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

Authorities said the victims were five teenagers in the car when an attacker approached them and opened fire.

The car slammed into a vehicle parked at the intersection of Maple Avenue and East 124Th road. Accountants found that two teenagers were found dead on the front seats. Officials said there were three teenagers in the back.

Sheriff’s Lieutenant Brandon Dean said “the car has been shot multiple times,” and both dead have been shot multiple times in the upper torso. ”

The victims were identified by family members as 16 years old, and 16 year old Jamil Hill. Colquitt was 11 years old.ThGrader at Central High School, and Hill was a senior at Garden High School.