Willie Fualau details his last moments with Mary’s letternew before his death

Willie Fulau Opening up about his last moments with Mary Kay She died of cancer before she was 58 years old.

But by her presence in a special sneak peek Dr. Ooze show, Which airs on Wednesday, 16 September, Fualau details his final conversation.

“We were just talking when they were kids and we were laughing,” Fualau explains. “And I turned and … I didn’t see her chest moving.”

“And I figured maybe this is one of those poses that she has and she’ll come back. You know, she’s gonna take a deep breath and she’s gonna come back,” he continues. “I’ll count in between those stops and it was the longest count I’ve ever had.”

Later, Fualau explains that he “switched off his breathing machine” to hear if Lternue was just “breathing really soft.”

“At that moment, I … had to tell the kids that they needed to call the rest of the siblings and say their goodbyes,” he shared. “This is that.”

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LaTerneau, who was convicted of raping Fualau when she was his 13-year-old student, died of stage 4 cancer in July. After Letourneu was released from prison in 2004, he and Fualau got married. They welcomed two children together.

At the time of his death, his elder son Steven letrune jr Issued a statement.

“We are deeply saddened to share the very difficult news that our beloved Mary left peacefully on July 6, 2020 after a six-month battle,” the statement said. “Mary struggled tirelessly against this terrible disease. It is in that spirit that we ask for privacy and respect for our desire to focus on the road ahead for all of us who make up Mary’s collective family. “

Mary Kay Lternue, Willie Fualau, 2009

according to this The people, Letourneau left his property to Fualau and his two daughters, Georgia And Audrey. It is unclear if she left anything for her other four children, which she shared with her first husband, Steve lternue.

LaTerneau was 34 when she began sex with Fualau in 1996. She was a sixth grade student at that time.

A year later, LaTerneau gave birth to her first child while awaiting sentencing on second-degree rape charges. He was sentenced to more than seven years for child rape.

However, he spent only six months in prison and was released on January 2, 1998. Part of the conditions for his release required Letternew to undergo counseling and stay away from Fualau.

But during her release, Letourneau became pregnant again with Fualau’s child. He was 15 at the time. He was then ordered to complete his entire sentence.

Once she was released from prison, Fualau, who was an adult at this time, petitioned the court to allow them to see each other. While a restraining order against LaTerneau was lifted, she remained a registered sex offender in Washington State until her death.

He and Fualau would later marry in 2005. In 2017, however, Fualau filed for legal separation.

See willie’s face Dr. Ooze show In the clip above. Watch her full episode on Wednesday, 16 September. Dr. Ooze show Has currently launched its 12th season and has been renewed for seasons 13 and 14.