Williamson County Coronavirus positivity rate returns to 5%

Here’s what you need to know about coronovirus in Williamson County. (Community impact newspaper)

Williamson County added 70 confirmed coronovirus cases on November 13, bringing the total number of confirmed cases since March, 10,842.

Currently 42 patients are hospitalized, 17 in intensive care units and seven on ventilators. Williamson County and the Cities Health District also have 21% hospital beds, 16% ICU beds and 81% ventilators.

The death toll remains 158.

The deaths counted are those with COVID-19 listed as the direct cause of death on the death certificate. According to the dashboard of the Texas Department of State Health Services, COVID-19 is not included in the total deaths, but rather an unrelated cause. County health officials have said that this method may delay reporting by weeks or months.

Williamson County Nov rises to a high coronavirus prevalence level. 10. Masks are still required, And WCCHD is asking individuals to maintain a distance of 6 feet and continue to wash their hands Regularly.

However, Williamson County Judge Bill Gravel said he had no intention of issuing any other home stay orders as it did in March.

“Williamson County trusts our residents to be smart and prudent,” he said in the release. “We know they will take appropriate measures to stay safe.”

Of the total reported cases, 10,321 are estimated to be recovered, and an estimated 363 are active cases. The total possible cases are 1,061.

The current rolling seven-day positivity rate, or rate at which tests return positive, is 5.01%. The county remained below 5% since the data show, at least since mid-September.

State contact tracing and data system retrieval are not reported; Therefore, retrieval information is not absolute and is to be used only for purposes of estimation, according to the WCCHD website.

No trends or other conclusions should be drawn from this figure, as the posted digits represent a time-of-day snapshot and can fluctuate throughout the day, it said.

According to the WCCHD, total cases in cities of residence, including potential cases, are as follows.

  • Austin: 767
  • Cedar Park: 1,080
  • Georgetown: 1,983
  • Hutto: 746
  • Leander: 692
  • Round rock: 3,254
  • Other: 1,419

If WCCHD is unable to confirm the city of residence after three attempts, the case is deemed “lost to follow up” and is not included in the above calculation.

According to the WCCHD, the number of deaths in the city continues.

  • Cedar Park: 21
  • Georgetown: 28
  • Not Specified: 10
  • Other: 28
  • Round Rock: 71

Officials said the county is not legally able to issue specific counts in cities with less than 20,000 residents. For more information, such as gender and age breakupwns, visit County Dashboard.


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