William J. Walker: Pelosi Appoints Black House First Sergeant-at-Arms

Before Walker can begin serving as the House sergeant-at-arms, the House must have a majority vote to confirm his appointment by the President.

“I am honored to appoint the Major General of the District of Columbia National Guard, William J. Walker, as the 38th Sergeant at Arms of the House of Representatives,” Pelosi said in a statement.

“Throughout his long and dedicated career in public service, General William Walker has proven to be a leader of great integrity and experience who will bring his steadfast and patriotic leadership to this vital role,” said Pelosi, adding: “His Historic appointment as the first African American to serve as Sergeant at Arms is an important step forward for this institution and our nation. “

The appointment comes in the wake of the January 6 attack on the United States Capitol, and Pelosi noted in her statement that “her experience will be an important asset to the House, particularly in light of the January 6 insurrection. It is It is essential that we work to strengthen our institution and keep our Capitol community, and all who visit it, safe. ”

After the rioters stormed the United States Capitol, Pelosi demanded the resignation of Paul Irving, who previously held the position. Meanwhile, Paul Blodgett has served as Acting Sergeant-at-Arms.

According to a biography of Walker from the DC National Guard, he has overseen a number of key priorities, including responsibility “for strategic leadership, training, readiness, operational employment, and performance of the Army and Air Force components of the District of Columbia National Guard.. ”

A handful of states and the District of Columbia mobilized thousands of National Guard members to provide security for the city of Washington after the deadly riots in the United States Capitol.

This story has been updated with additional news on Friday.


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