William. and Honeywell Drop $ 299 USD Facial mask

Musician will.i.am and technology innovation company Honeywell have teamed up to create a new tech-savvy mask that features an impressive array of built-in features.

The high concept XUPERMASK It features a silicone face seal and elastic strap to help it stay in place and is easily adjustable. It claims to be tough enough to run up to 365 days a year.

In particular, the mask has been adorned with three double speed fans and a non-medical grade HEPA filter for perspiration. XUPERMASK also offers noise-canceling headphone and microphone features, Bluetooth connectivity, LED lights, and a magnetic headphone docking system.

We created XUPERMASK to change the game of our new normal, ”will.i.am said in a press release.

Boasting a seven-hour battery life, the mask is sold in two colors: white / gray / orange and black / black / orange. It launches on April 8 and can be purchased on the XUPERMASK website.

The product joins a growing list of “smart” face masks aimed at enhancing the functionality of standard face coverings. Last month, tech company Razer confirmed that it had started production on its Project Hazel RGB skins that come with a detachable fan and wireless charger.

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