Will the Jikes maximize the returning Sacone Barclay?

To watch Saquon Barclay and stop defenders on every small and large field of open field is akin to watching someone try to weave Lamborghini through Jersey Shore traffic on a particularly beautiful Saturday in July. Every ounce of free pavement is a beautiful display, but unfortunately in the first place there is almost no room to legalize what is left out of the garage.

The Player Giant has captured No. 2 overall in 2018, stuck in such a manner for the better part of two seasons; A superstar is covered by the reality of a roster overhaul that is taking too long. There have been moments of brilliance, sure. Rare moments when their personnel can provoke an opponent to give Barclay an ounce of space, they have to create havoc. But after the Giants’ season-opening loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers at MetLife is the fact: Barkley is a valuable asset, but a place that is unduly depreciating that just can’t facilitate its best.