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Will the Duchess use the hypno-birth technique?

Meghan Markle is in her last months of pregnancy, and although Baby Sussex will make her debut just as winter turns to spring, Markle has not slowed down a bit. The Duchess has attended numerous charity events and engagements, and she and Prince Harry even travel to Morocco for a quick real tour in late February.

Markle does not seem at all nervous about giving birth for the first time, and it could be because she has a solid birth plan in place. Here is a look inside Markle's birth plan, which includes the use of a doula and the hyponating technique.

Will Meghan Markle have a natural birth?

The former actress has been open about her holistic and healthy lifestyle, so it's no surprise that she's doing everything possible to prepare for a natural birth at home. It was Markle's mother, Doria Ragland, who encouraged her daughter to try to give birth without medication.

Vanity Fair reports: "Doria plans to be around when the baby arrives, and there are plans for her to have a dedicated space in her new home. He wants to be on hand to help Meghan and Harry with the baby. Doria will participate, and if she is involved, she will encourage Meg to have a natural birth. "

What is the hypno-birth technique?

Giving birth is a test for managing a woman's pain and endurance. This is where the technique of hypno-birth comes into play. When using the technique, women are advised to use a combination of deep breathing, relaxation and visualization to reduce pain and duration of labor.

Is the Duchess of Sussex using the hypno-birth technique?

Like her sister-in-law, the Duchess Kate Middleton, Markle is preparing to use the hyponode technique during labor and delivery. Middleton used the technique to give birth to her three children. In addition to the hyponative, Markle has also been preparing his body for labor and delivery by visiting an acupuncturist.

According to Vanity Fair, "Meghan has been having regular acupuncture sessions to help her relax and rest. It is bright for blood circulation and to increase the flow of blood to the uterus. She plans to use acupuncture until her expiration date. "

Meghan Markle uses a doula?

In addition to his doctors, the acupuncturist and the hypno-birth technique, Markle has also hired a doula. A doula is a non-medical professional whose sole purpose is to advocate on behalf of the mother to provide comfort and emotional support.

According to US Weekly, "Markle has been using a doula during her pregnancy that has visited her and the homes of Harry several times, Meghan focuses on the calm and positive energy around birth, she is a great believer in that."

Will Meghan Markle's birth plan make her labor and delivery easier?

Although the Duchess of Sussex is obviously ready for the birth of her first child, no one can really know how gentle or difficult her delivery and delivery will be until she is at the core of them. As the real correspondent Duncan Larcombe explained to Town & Country,

I think what we should remember with royalty is that they are only human beings. Like many, many pregnant mothers before her, Meghan would probably want to have a natural birth, and everything would be wonderful and would be finished in a few minutes. But like any future mother, she will not have control over that, her body will be … And just because she's going to give birth to a member of the royal family does not make that different. She is only a human being. A future mother And the baby will have his own opinion about how easy it is to deliver or how difficult it is.

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