Will the Cubs Core have to compete for extensions? And other bullets from Cubs

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• Some frames here from Patrick Mooney on Anthony Rizzo’s interest in an extension with the Cubs, and I want to discuss:

“This is business,” Rizzo said Monday of Zoom from Arizona. “Playing for a while, you get it. You are faced with so much outside noise at all times, from the moment you walk onto a major league field. This is no different. In the end, you are playing baseball. And I’m playing baseball with a lot of good friends here. They are not just teammates, they are close friends who will be close friends forever. “

They’re also competitors in the sense that it’s hard to see the Cubs – with “one eye on the future” – making long-term commitments to Rizzo, Kris Bryant and Javier Báez in the next 10 months. Hoyer has also said that spring training is the ideal time to sit down and talk about extensions.

• It * feels * unlikely that the Cubs would roll out all three players in deals of more than $ 100 million, and you could probably question the wisdom of doing so (in the abstract) with a group of guys who would be a big chunk of the payroll in their 30 years. But at the same time, are we really going to suggest it’s a race to see which guy or two accept an extension first and then close the books? It would surely seem like an odd way to play, because surely there IS a price tag that you would gladly extend to some or all of the three types. I suspect there is a relationship between the three and what the Cubs can / would decide to do, but I also suspect that they have an internal preference on who they would like to extend further and at what price.

• However, the big problem with the extensions at the moment remains the collective agreement, as it expires in December. There is a ton of uncertainty about what the financial world of baseball will look like in 2022 and beyond, which could cut in a dozen different directions on how players should proceed, how the team should proceed, what a “win” might look like. within a year, etc. If you decide not to continue, the team or the player, you are taking a great risk. If you decide to put the pen on the paper at this point, the team or the player, you also run a greater risk than usual. I mean I would be surprised if the Cubs didn’t extend to ANYONE this spring, but then I would have been surprised years ago if they had told me none of the offensive core would be extended by the time these three are in their year-long walk.

• (Also, obviously, there are other guys the Cubs might consider extending this spring. Those three are the most discussed for obvious reasons, but I can see plenty of reasons to talk to Ian Happ and Willson Contreras as well).

• It comes up so often that I wanted to offer another reminder of how extremely short Nico Hoerner’s path to the big leagues has been:

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