Will Smith and Kevin Hart Join Plan, Train and Automobile

Will Smith (Jason Merritt / Getty Images), Kevin Hart (Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images)

Will Smith (Jason Merritt / Getty Images), Kevin Hart (Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images)
The image: The AV Club

Will Smith and Kevin Hart are already Steve Martin and John Candy to a new generation (because Smith also gets frustrated when no one takes his banjo career seriously and “Hart,” like “Candy,” Is a noun if you spell it differently), now the two of them are finally fulfilling their fate by starring in a remake of the famous Steve Martin / John Candy vehicle. Schemes, trains and vehicles. Original, directed by John HueEs, about a raucous man and a fun-loving wacky man who has to work together in their own homes before being thanked, in which the madman sees his family and the wacky man Eager for A little Desperate for some companionship – almost as if he is really gloomy and lonely, but doesn’t seem so weird. Looking at his distinct comedic personality (and the reasons we mentioned above) is Will Smith Absolutely Steve Martin is playing the freak man and Kevin Hart Absolutely John Candy is playing the wacky man.

time limit it is said TAyesha Carr’s first film to direct her new film will be Brooklyn Nine-Nine And executive produced the upcoming Lamorne Morris / Sasheer Zamata Hulu show picking. It will be interesting to see how it works in the era of cellphones and ubers and all other technological developments that cannot save you from taking an extended road trip with anyone. Will there be a scene where Kevin Hart removes all of Will’s podcasts? Because we are Will happen see that.


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