Will Smith and ‘Aunt Vivian’ Janet Hubert again after 27 years of Feud. Here is a detailed history of his beef

One of the defining fights of our time may soon end. As New prince of bel air Prepared for a reunion on HBO Max, Will Smith has shared a picture of himself smiling alongside Janet Hubert, the original aunt Vivian. Photo may be jerked Fresh prince Die-hard and even the casual pop-culture fan, given the highly visible, decades-long battle of Smith and Hubert. To commemorate the occasion how it all happened.

Season 3 Fresh prince, Which aired in 1993, Hubert’s last identification with the show. Despite the usual cloak of “creative differences” at the time of Hubert’s farewell, Smith became slightly more explicit later that year during a radio appearance.

“I can directly say that Janet Hubert wanted the show to be Aunty Viv of Bel Air Show Because I know she is going to tell me in the press, “Smith said I! news. “He has basically gone from a quarter of a million dollars to nothing. He is mad now, but he has gone mad all along. She said that once, I have been in business for 10 years and come up with this snotty-nosed punk and get a show. ‘Doesn’t matter, for that, I’m just the Antichrist.

Hubert was pregnant during the show’s third season, ending with Aunt Vivian giving birth to Banks’ youngest child, Nikki. During an interview during an interview Los Angeles Times, Hubert reveals that she worked for two days before giving birth — and when she returned, she found out that she was lacking in the role. (Daphne Reid took over in season 4)

“I was hurt and disappointed,” Hubert said. “I’ve worked hard and I’ve never seen that happen.”

Hubert went so far as to bring a lawsuit against Smith and NBC that same year for deliberate defamation of defamation, invasion of privacy, negligence and emotional distress. Her suit alleges that Smith became hostile after becoming pregnant and lobbied NBC to reduce her pay and screen-time, according to the copy Chicago Tribune. During the talk show, she claimed, Smith had said that she often “used to give me the middle finger and walked out of the set” – adding that she had hurt her market potential as an artist. Hubert lost the lawsuit.

In 2009, Hubert self-published his book, Perfection is not a sitcom mom. The AV Club, which reviewed the book, described it as “completely dedicated to making” [Will Smith] Looks bad ”- though she also apparently spared a few words for Alfonso Ribeiro, who played Carlton Banks.

“Alfonso was a big part of my decision to publish this book,” Hubert wrote. “Let’s do this because he has made him continue to kiss Smith’s butt by condemning me in his business universities, sometimes that my son could possibly join in the near future.” She complained that Smith would say things like “I’m God and I can do anything”, and recited “Yo Mama” jokes on set.

To the surprise, the AV Club stated that instead of being fired from the show, Hubert described receiving an outrageously low offer for renewal of the contract in his book, in which he declined.

That same year, I! news Notes, Ribeiro also offered some thoughts on Hubert.

“He went crazy!” Ribeiro said of Hubert. “[T]Here were the days when we were all on set and she was really moving away from the people and they reached a point by the time the second season arrived, where we were like, ‘This is unacceptable.’ ‘

“I was a dark-skinned, African-American mother, and used to tell U-to-black jokes to the audience before the show.“

– Janet Hubert

He accused the show’s on-set family vibe of murder. Ribeiro said, at that point, it ruined him, and he made it very difficult for us to work and unfortunately he was fired. “They brought in Daphne Maxwell-Reid, who we absolutely loved, and we moved on. Oh good.” And in one final blow, he called her a “cuckoo”.

During an interview with BlackAmericaWeb in 2010, Huffington Post Notes, Hubert went into detail about the alleged jokes that Smith told on the set.

“I was a dark-skinned, African-American mother, and used to tell you-as-black jokes to the audience before the show, and at one point, I came out and stopped her, and the audience went ‘woo,’ she Said. “He couldn’t understand how incredibly disrespectful it was to women like me … ‘Yo Mama is so black, when she looks at her shoes, she thinks she’s looking in the mirror. Ha, ha! ”

And a year later? Hubert was on the anti-Smith train. After the actor posted a reunion photo of the cast without him in it, the actress told TMZ, “The reunion will never happen … because I’ll never do anything with an asshole like Will Smith … he’s still a cocky.” Has and has not grown up. This constant reunion will never happen in my lifetime unless there is an apology he does not know the word. ”

In 2013, it was revealed that Hubert was beginning to feel a change of heart. Asked by TheGrio if she would consider attending a reunion, she said “Absolutely. Till here [with] Daphne. ”

“I will tell her [Smith]”We need to fix it,” Hubert said. “You have done some things, you have said some things, which were completely untrue and you know they were untrue. I have said some things that I probably should never have said. But you have never heard that They come from my mouth. Especially the TMZ thing last Christmas; My mother passed away. So there I got beaten up in the media again… and you are tired. I am tired. Won’t you be tired?

Hubert recounted that feeling in a 2013 interview with Omg two years later! Insider. “We need a reunion; We have to end this terrible, 21-year war, “he said,” later, “I think we all have to give an apology.”

He also once again claimed that there was a rule on the set that no one should reprimand Smith. To that he said, “I had an expression: ‘Do you want me to kiss your butt, you have Got To put it in my contract. ‘He did some heinous, horrible things with me. They were like bad children. Will and Alphonse, were particularly like Alphonso. ”

But in 2016, it appears that Hubert posed another face to make fun of Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, after urging a boycott against the Oscars against black performers when Academy Smith received his work Failed to designate for. shaking.

Hubert pulled Pinkut-Smith from Black Performers for jeopardizing “his career and his stand” in the industry. In addition, he said, “[T]Hey don’t care

He then pointed to Smith: “I miss substitute time [on Fresh Prince] Coming to you and saying, you know what will happen? You are the star of the show. Why don’t we all be together and with you maybe we can raise a little. Maybe since the network, you know, the show is such a hit and you, being the star of the show, your influence will help us a lot in working on it. friend… and your response to me was, ‘My deal is my deal and y’all deal is y’all deal.’ ‘

“There were those that really deserved one,” Hubert said, “and Idris Elba was one of them, God has mercy No Nation’s Beast Was incredible, the man is an incredible actor, ”said Hubert. “… maybe you didn’t deserve a nomination. I didn’t think, frankly, you deserved a Golden Globe nomination with that accent.”

A month later Hubert said during an appearance on The Real that she reached out to Smith and her manager James Lasser to remove all charges of on-set poisoning.

“I begged them,” she said. “I said, ‘I have a family. I need you to tell the world that this stuff didn’t happen.’ And I was waiting in my heart that someone would come to me one day and help me, but they didn’t did. ”

“Because I’ve been trained as a young woman … You always have your dignity and you don’t just go ooh, you know?” He continued. “But I realized that this redemption was not going to come until I did it myself.”

Weeks later, BBC Radio 1Xtra asked Smith at the end of a segment that was liked by Aunt Viv – Hubert or Reid. And their response was as diplomatic as they come.

“I think that, you know, both Aunt Vivs were really fantastic,” he said. “I think any time you make a show, you make a change that’s going to be excruciating and painful. I think Janet Hubert Wheaton brought a really powerful dignity to the show … me Looks like she’s brilliant. I think as an artist she does a lot of things. She sings, she dances, she’s really like a powerful artist. So you know, I love her. used to do the fresh Prince.

But then came another reunion photo kerfuffle: In 2017, Ribeiro once again posted a reunion photo on Instagram without OG Aunt Viv.

Hubert gave a fiery reply, now the Facebook post has been removed.

“I know that the media hoe Alfonso Ribeiro has posted his so-called reunion photo,” Hubert wrote. “Folks keep telling me about it. He was always a wipe for Will (Smith). There will never be a true reunion of the Fresh Prince. I’m not interested in seeing any of these at that kind of level. ”

As Jada Pinkett-Smith can say, there is definitely a lot Treatment that should be. The reunion is currently set for Thanksgiving. Only time will tell if the Banks Family reunion is a cheerful, encouraging type of Thanksgiving celebration – or the way one has to hide the turkey carving set so that everyone can make it out alive.