Will Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle return for season 9?

Rick Hoffman, Patrick J. Adams, Meghan Markle, Sarah Rafferty, Gina Torres and Gabriel Macht of costumes Fans expect Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams to join their castmates in & # 39; Suits & # 39; | Getty Images / Jamie McCarthy

You could say the popular television series from the United States. Costumes is the equivalent to the 1980s of the 1980s Law L.A.except that it takes place in Manhattan. Legal programs were once a staple on television for decades until they dried up more or less. When Costumes It started in 2011, it seemed more of the same, except that it had an interesting twist and a cast with a unique chemistry.

Two of the cast members who made it so good were Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle. The first played with Mike Ross, the center of most of the lines of the plot. The latter is someone you probably know pretty well by now (and played Rachel Zane).

Now that the two have left the show, rumors are forming that they can return for a final ninth season.

Why did Patrick J. Adams leave the program?

I will try a different approach the next time I play a lawyer in a fictional story. Thanks for the reply. https://t.co/9kvlpOwKLF

– Patrick J Adams (@halfadams) December 23, 2018

One of the biggest attractions of Costumes it was the character of Adams Mike Ross who practiced as a legal badociate without a license. Although the ABA allowed her to practice Ross later, the chemistry between Adams and her co-star Gina Torres (as Jessica Pearson) had a rare quality.

The same happened with Adams and Meghan Markle, whose character Rachel Zane later marries Mike Ross of Adams.

When Adams decided to leave the show at the end of his seventh season, he more or less opened a hole in the chemistry of the cast. In any case, the recurring cast of characters has become so popular and convincing, the show remained afloat with other stories.

You can not blame Adams for wanting to move on. He said he thought there was nothing more writers could do to expand the character of Mike Ross. Considering that too many great characters on television have a too long role, it is always better to leave early than too late.

We all know why Meghan Markle left "Costumes"

In Markle's original statement when leaving Costumes, She mentioned that she was proud to work on a program for seven years, but she was committed to working as a team (with Harry). Her career was similar to actress Grace Kelly when she married Prince Rainier and ended up being a princess in Monaco for the rest of her life.

We all know that this type of life can have ups and downs. However, Kelly never performed again once it became real, despite being tempted by Alfred Hitchbad for his 1964 film. Marnie

Things could be different now in the tradition of royalty, never acting again. Reports are already being prepared on the return of Markle and Adams in a wrap-up season for Costumes.

Will Adams and Markle really come back in a 10-episode arc?

The season 8b premiere of #Costumes It's about 25 minutes on the east coast. Look at the shit, there are only so many …

– Aaron Korsh (@ akorsh9) January 24, 2019

Recently, it was announced Costumes It will end with season nine, including the production of only 10 episodes. Producer Aaron Korsh launched a plan several years ago to produce just 16 episodes in season eight and then 10 episodes in season nine.

During a recent Deadline interview, Korsh was asked if Adams and Markle could return for the final season. There was no commitment for them to return, although other rumors persist that they will do so to a certain extent.

Is Meghan Markle allowed to work in "Suits" again?

What is more problematic is that the queen gives the go-ahead for the now Duchess of Susbad to act again. According to tradition, Markle can not do any other work once he becomes a real king.

Only Prince Harry could intervene to change this tradition.

As for Adams, he seemed insistent that he would not return again, but it seems logical that he should return for at least a brief appearance.

With so many characters in Costumes, you can still have a satisfactory ending with the characters that are still in the program. Along with a split about to begin (Pearson), it's not really the end anyway.

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