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Will North Korea bomb Hawaii? Island tests sirens to prepare for nuclear attack


Hawaii tested a nuclear attack warning siren early Friday morning, for the first time since the end of the Cold War, in response to the growing threat from North Korea's nuclear program.

A state official warned Hawaiian residents that the drills needed, and that people should make emergency preparations with their families should Pyongyang launch a missile that reached the islands.

"There will be no time to call our loved ones, pick up our children and find a designated refuge." Vern Miyagi, an administrator of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency, told reporters

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The simulations of alarms will continue to run the first of every month, and in the case of a real nuclear bomb threat, the sirens will give the residents about 15 minutes to prepare. This is how officials say that a missile launched from North Korea would take to Hawaii.

[19459099]  884408474 A surfer walks by an announcer from a warning system from the Cold War era in Honolulu, Hawaii, on December 30, 2017. Hawaii restored the system amid fears of a possible nuclear attack by North Korea. Kyodo News via Getty Images

The test is the latest sign of a growing conflict between the United States and North Korea, where leader Kim Jong-Un has claimed to have the ability to shoot a ballistic missile that could hit anywhere in the United States.

Mermaid tests are routine in Hawaii for tsunamis or hurricanes, but the last time a test was conducted to prepare for the possibility of a nuclear attack was in the 1980s at the end of the Cold War.

"It's making everyone nervous," said Erin Keller, owner of a Hawaiian restaurant, in an interview with Washington Post . "In general, I want to live in Hawaii which makes you feel a bit removed from that sense of drama and danger, but the proximity of Hawaii to North Korea changes everything … Are we sticking out like a sore thumb?"

] Officials in Hawaii say the likelihood of a nuclear attack hitting Hawaii is low. The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency projects that 90 percent of the 1.4 million residents of the state would survive if an attack occurred.

But the low odds have not stopped Hawaiian residents from getting nervous, especially since President Donald Trump has escalated the conflict on Twitter, calling Kim "rocket man" and promising to "totally destroy" the nation. Kim, for his part, has called Trump "mentally deranged" and promised to use North Korea's nuclear supply to decimate the US. UU

As director of an Oahu elementary school, Jamie Dela Cruz told the Message : "These are uncertain times and we want to be prepared."

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