Terrible moments for actor Will Ferrell, after being involved in a scary car accident on the highway. His manager tells Deadline that he has been released from the hospital and that he is fine.

Will Ferrell was released from hospital "unharmed" and full of gratitude after a serious car accident on Thursday night.

Ferrell and his colleague, Andrew Steele, were not seriously injured in the accident and Ferrell's driver, Mark Thompson, and another colleague, Carolina Barlow, remain hospitalized in stable condition. .

"Will stays close while his friends are taken care of, and has expressed his deep gratitude to the first responders who were immediately on the scene and the hospital team that looked after them so well," according to the UTA statement. "He is also grateful for all the good wishes he and his friends are receiving."

Ferrell was traveling back to Los Angeles after organizing a Funny or Die voter registration event in San Diego as his character Ron Burgundy. occurred when the SUV Ferrell's crew was traveling on "was attacked on the highway by another vehicle," the statement said.

The collision occurred on Interstate 5 around 11 pm, according to E! News.

Ferrell can be seen in the back of an ambulance in images shared by TMZ.

A report from the California Highway Patrol obtained by the Associated Press indicates that a 2007 Toyota vehicle hit the tail of the SUV that is believed It was transporting Ferrell to the right, causing it to tip over after colliding with the central divider.

Capt. Larry Kurtz of the Orange County Fire Authority told the AP that the tr It's male passengers in the SUV suffered minor injuries. A 27-year-old woman who was not wearing a seat belt suffered serious injuries, reports AP. The store also says that the driver of the Toyota went unharmed.

Billy Eichner, who organized the voter registration event, tweeted on Friday that he was not in the car with Ferrell, whom he said was fine.

"Will and everyone is fine, very scary but very grateful that everyone is well," he wrote.

Actor Jason Alexander offered his condolences to Ferrell on Twitter. "Thoughts and love towards Will Ferrell and his friends and relatives today," he wrote. "Fast healing, speed of God."

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