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Earth is at all times half illuminated by daylight. Notice the crescent of illumination on one edge on this composite picture, which is from the Suomi NPP satellite tv for pc. If you have been on the opposite facet of Earth when the photographs used on this composite have been acquired, you’d see Earth shining brightly in mirrored daylight, aka daylight. Image through NASA..

We at EarthSky are receiving questions concerning the so-called days of darkness supposedly introduced by NASA and supposedly arising in late November, 2017.

Did NASA announce it? No.

Will it occur? No.

YouTube movies are suggesting the occasion will probably be attributable to “another astronomical event, between Venus and Jupiter.” Yes, Jupiter and Venus – the sky’s two brightest planets – are having a conjunction low within the east earlier than daybreak this month. It’ll be stunning! It’s simply so incorrect to make use of this conjunction – which has occurred numerous occasions in Earth historical past, to the wonderment of all privileged to look at it – to perpetuate a hoax.

As for the concept that NASA has issued a “1,000-page document” on the occasion for the White House. Well. That’s simply solely pretend.

Think about it. What must occur for Earth to expertise 15 days of darkness? Our day-night cycle stems from Earth’s rotation on its axis round our native star, the solar. The solar shines on half of Earth for a part of its 24-hour interval; that’s daytime. Nighttime is concurrently occurring on the other facet of Earth.

For the entire Earth to bear 15 days of darkness … what must occur? The solar must exit for 15 days? Or one thing must shroud the solar? Or cross between us and the solar?

All of these eventualities are unlikely to the purpose of ridiculousness, when you think about the huge dimension of our solar. That’s why zero days of all-Earth darkness have occurred in human historical past to date.

Let me say it once more. It’s by no means occurred. It’s not going to occur.

Oh no, 15 days of darkness. What is a huge magic turtle going to dam the son ?https://t.co/iCJbmDDK4b

— Keith Hicks (@KeithHicks_) November 2, 2017

This similar hoax has been rearing its head each few years, since a minimum of 2011, when the erstwhile Comet Elenin was speculated to cross between us and the solar and trigger three days of darkness. In 2014, the variety of supposed “dark days” elevated to 6 on this article from Hutzlers.com.

In 2015, an article at Newswatch33 urged NASA comfirmation for 15 days of darkness between November 15 and November 29 of that yr. The article mentioned that – in accordance with NASA – such an occasion hadn’t occurred in over 1 million years. I couldn’t discover Newswatch33 on-line anymore; perhaps it’s gone.

There have been zero days of all-Earth darkness in November, 2015.

So. It didn’t go darkish in 2011, 2014, or 2015, and it’s not going to go darkish for 15 days in November this yr.

To our data, the primary loopy rumors of “days of darkness” sprung up in 2011, when Comet Elenin – generally depicted as a spaceship – was speculated to cross between us and the solar, inflicting three “days of darkness” that yr. Remember them? Of course, you don’t as a result of they didn’t occur. This picture is from The Death of Comet Elenin: A Return to Rationality?

I feel it’s fascinating that these “days of darkness” rumors all spring up round November and December, when the northern half of Earth is edging towards its winter solstice and shortest day of the yr. Let’s face it, it’s darker on the market now for us on this half of the globe. Just keep in mind … it’s a pure sort of darkness, a resting sort of darkness.

In truth, for the Northern Hemisphere, the earliest sunsets of the yr are available early December. After the solstice, for positive by early January, the longer days will probably be returning very noticeably as we transfer towards spring and rebirth.

That’s nature’s cycle, and we are able to rely upon it!

You know the outdated saying “as surely as the sun will rise?” Believe it! Sunrise in Delaware – June 1, 2017 – by Joe Perchetti.

Bottom line: NASA didn’t subject a “blackout warning” for November 15 to 29, 2017. There will probably be zero days of complete darkness for Earth this month. Day and evening will proceed as standard. Sigh.

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