Will Daniel Laurso and Johnny Lawrence team-up in season 3?

Now that the first two seasons Cobra moss Available on Netflix, Karate boy Enthusiasts everywhere have already binged the follow-up series. The series takes place three decades after the original film. The first two seasons, once again, pitted Daniel La Arso (Ralph Macchio) against Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka). Around this time, they are censuses, training students to karate from vastly different perspectives.

Ralph Macchio (L) and William Zabka ‘Cobra Kai’ | Taylor Hill / FilmMagic for YouTube

Depending on the outcome of the events – as well as the character development that takes place in the first two seasons – a team-up between Johnny Lawrence and Daniel Laursso seems possible, if not inevitable (even if both members are initially slightly reliant ).

[‘Cobra Kai’ season 2 spoilers ahead]

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Diving in the first two seasons of ‘Cobra Kai’

at the start of Cobra moss, Johnny Lawrence is a down-on-his-luck middle-aged man who cannot seem to break from his past – to separate him from the turmoil he has endured since adolescence. His character is successful opposite Daniel Larso, who owns several car dealerships and rides the slogan “Kick the competition”.

Johnny Lawrence reluctantly takes a student when he sees him beat up in the parking lot. He begins to teach the child the methods of Cobra Kai – his old dose. The only problem: The “no mercy” aspect to dogma teaches children to be ruthless, vindictive, unfair and immoral. Over time, he comes to see that this method of instruction is deeply flawed – building cowards with combat capability, as opposed to men and women with integrity and ability to protect themselves.

His old prudence, John Cressey, returns before Lawrence can fully begin to teach his students “properly”. Lawrence is a soft spot for the man and lets him assist. Nevertheless, through Kallis’s series of calculated incidents and some unexpected circumstances, students begin to respect him more. And, Cressey dodges behind Lawrence’s back, leaving the original senses without students. Throughout, La Russo was training children on how he learned karate under Miragi.

Lawrence may have nowhere else to turn on season 3 of ‘Cobra Kai’

Johnny Lawrence and Daniel Larso no longer have competing dodges: Lawrence is out of a dodge, and Cressey is in charge. If Lawrence cares about these children, as he seems, and Cressey does not want to inspire them with false concepts of courage and bravery, he will do all to end the dodges with his power.

Lawrence can turn to Larso, explaining what has happened, and the two can work on establishing a unified dojo as a counter-argument. They could confront the parents as a unit to explain why their children should not learn under Cressey – why the man is dangerous.

Those who respect Lawrence will listen, and those who love and respect Larso will hopefully end Kreuz’s reign of terror. All remains to be seen, but in a recent attack with Lawrence’s son and turning to Laruso as a father, several reasons for the two to align continue to surface.