Martin Scorsese Irish man."/>

Will ‘All-White Men’ films like ‘1917,’ Dunkirk ‘be different from the Oscars. Less likely.




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</div><figcaption class=Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. (Photo: Warner Bros.)

The academy has not so much debated the announcement as a child-minded, short-term plan to introduce the “Best Popular Film” category.

The organization turned social media into a frenzy on Tuesday, when it announced new diversity guidelines, stating that the films met two of four requirements to be eligible for the Oscar Top Best Picture award. The inclusion standards focus on (a) onscreen representation, themes and statements, (b) creative leadership, (c) industry outreach and opportunities, and (d) representation in marketing, promotion and distribution. (They are fully worth reading before the race to decide here.)

While the academy has generally been praised for the initiative of pundits and cinephiles, Christie Elle, James Woods and their followers are deeply troubled. (Ironically, the people most offended by the Oscars changes probably didn’t see the Oscars anyway.)

A very prevalent concern from both sides of the aisle, which is like “white male war movies” 1917 (2019) more Dunkirk (201 necessary) – Very necessary, very excellent historical document – Will be branded as Cinema non grata means unpleasant Because they lack in onscreen diversity. The Academy’s A1 Criteria states that “one of the main actors or significant supporting actors is from at least one racial or ethnic group,” while A2 states that “Of all actors in secondary and more minor roles, at least There are at least 30%. Two concise groups, ”and A3 focuses on diverse plot and subject matter.

And of course, it is reasonable to wonder whether those films should not qualify for future rules of the Oscars, which go into effect in 2024. Same for a whole series of Best Picture nominees in the last 10 years: other war films such as Mel Gibson’s Haxaw Ridge (2016) and Steven Spielberg’s war Horse (2011); Racing drama Ford v ferrari (2019), antihero comic book movie Joker (2019), mob thriller Irish man (2019), Dick Cheney satirizes Vice (2018), Winston Churchill Biopic Deep hour (2017), Contemporary Western hell or high water (2016), Spielberg’s Cold War drama Bridge of spies (2015), finance films like The big short (2015) more The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), Alan Turing story Fake game (2014), upcoming musical drama Sprain (2014), Sports Drama Moneyball (2011), Terence Owner’s Attention tree of Life (2011) and is a Western remake of the Koen brothers true Grit (2010).

But this is only if you are not taking into account the full list of criteria and are only looking onscreen (or “standard A: on-screen representation, content and requirements”).

Even if a film overshadows a straight white male in its cast, themes, and narrative, he can easily examine two of the three other boxes on the list, which surprised some writers Whether the new standards will have any effect. “A close reading of the rule suggests that he would have had almost no impact in the final decade of the Best Picture Race – and not necessarily to have influenced the stories almost entirely with whites,” Tim Molloy of Movimaker Has written As new York Times The guidelines are “comprehensive but safe,” said carpet manufacturer Kyle Buchanan.

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Martin Scorsese Irish man. (Photo: Netflix)

The fact of the matter is that movies are made by hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands, of people who all of us have learned to watch those endlessly The avengers Credit. The diversity initiative extends far and wide which represents onscreen.

Standard B looks at staffing behind the camera, stating that at least two creative leaders or departments must be from an underrepresented group (including women) and at least one from an underrepresented racial or ethnic group. This is not a difficult requirement to fill, especially given the number of women who already worked in designated areas such as directing, writing, production, casting, costume design, production design, set decoration and hair and makeup Huh. If there is not a dominant figure of color among these positions, then this is a problem.

Standard C encourages studios and filmmakers to provide paid apprenticeships, internships and training opportunities to underrepresented groups. It should not be difficult. Standard D looks at representation in marketing, promotion and distribution. Like with Standard B, many women and people of color already hold these positions, but there is still much room for growth in the industry, especially in high-ranking positions of power in the studio.

It is impossible to say which of the above films would not qualify because the data does not exist only on the ethnic makeup, sexual orientation, or capabilities of its expanding staff and marketing / promotion / distribution departments, nor do we know if these presentations. Has been considered or will consider the learning and training programs outlined in Standard C. But all – if not all – of the films given above can be considered worthy, especially if they are being made today.

whereas hell or high waterThere are three prominent white men, for example, two of its Best Picture-nominated producers were both women. It was co-cast by a woman, its dress designer was a woman and its hair and makeup departments were run by women. Its visual effects coordinator was a woman of color. So it easily meets the “standard B” requirement, and can also easily meet “C” and “D”.

सैम मेंडेस का <em> 1917 </ em> is.  (Photo: Universal) “src =” “data-src =”–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTk2MDtoPTUzOS43MzMzMzMzMzMzMzMzMzMzMzMzMzMzMzMzMzMzMzMzMzMzMzMzMzMzMzMzMz/z / creatr-uploaded-images / 2020-09 / 73d79290-f3b1-11ea-bff3-7eb5cea4eb5b “/><noscript><img alt= 1917 is. (Photo: Universal) “src =”–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTk2MDtoPTUzOS43MzMzMz- MzMz- MzMz-MtMzMtMzMs-MtMzMtMzMs-Ms-MzMzMs-Ms-MzMzMs-MzMzMzMs-MzMzMszMzMz.MsMzMzMzMzMzMzMz.MZMzMzMzMzMZ.MZMZMZZZZZZZZZZZZZYZ.MZ.MZ.MZ.MST.MZMZ.MZ.MZMZMZMZMZMZMZMZMZMZ.MZMZMZMZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ for … / creatr-uploaded-images / 2020-09 / 73d79290-f3b1-11ea-bff3-7eb5cea4eb5b “class =” caas-img “/>
Sam Mendes 1917. (Photo: Universal)

Sam Mendes 1917 Nearly all were white-male actors, but six women produced Oscar nominations for the film, in writing, makeup and hairstyling, and sound editing. Mendes, meanwhile, is a West Indian.

But while Hollywood has made undeniable progress with onscreen representation in recent years, it is behind the camera and “down the line” where the industry still lacks diversity. Anyone who is on a major studio film set can tell how predominantly straight-white-male film crew are, despite constant pleas from figures in the business to diversify the ranks.

This is where the Academy’s new guidelines will be most effective: behind the scenes, not in front of the camera.

The academy simply wants to use its cloth to become an agent to replace its majority of potential voters, calling on studios and filmmakers who haven’t changed over time, when more women and people of color Enter the industry.

If new eligibility guidelines bind $ 100 million-plus-budget films, such as Dunkirk And 1917 To spend that coin driving more diverse crew members and training programs, which would bring more diversity to the industry – and the stories are the same – why is it so bad?

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