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Wild reactions of Woody Harrelson at Wimbledon turn viral

Woody Harrelson has just given his best performance in years, with crazy eye reactions at Wimbledon.

"I do not watch tennis, I see Woody Harrelson watching tennis", tweeted @trevorstweetss, summarizing the sudden obsession of Internet with the star after his "performance" on Saturday.

The cameras repeatedly focused on the "Zombieland" actor, 57, as he reacted with amazement at the men's doubles final, sometimes it seemed that he was beating and licking his lips in an exaggerated manner.

The game commentators also kept a count on their trips to the bar, suggesting that the reactions of the "Cheers" star may have been driven by too much enjoyment of hospitality.

"The funniest part of this game is that the advertisers keep track of how many wine glasses Woody Harrelson has had (he keeps showing him in the stands every time he drinks)" Scott Shaffer tweeted Along with a photo of a laughing Woody.

Others were obsessed with the full range of emotions that the actor seemed to show during the epic game.

"A moving story of loss, endurance and triumph in #Wimbledon in three acts, starring @WoodyHarrelson", Chris Joseph I joked on Twitter, posting screenshots of the various emotions of the star during the game.

Woody first appeared on the game's radar when he was denied re-entry during the game, clearly looking annoyed as he sipped his drink.

The cameras kept coming back to him once he had returned to his seat, with him now with his eyes wide open in the game, and again later, as he looked at his phone after everyone else seemed to have left.

However, the shots that received the most attention were his. licking his lips – and then looking in total shock when Nicolas Mahut took a shot below the belt.

"Woody is entering the next plane of existence" @TylerRuinsTV tweeted of the dazed look of the star.

As his memes turned viral, many suggested that it was one of the actor's most striking works in years.

"Wow, I can not believe that Woody Harrelson has managed to overcome his role as detective Marty Hart wow" Kyle Celinski joked of the character of "real detective" of Woody.

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