Wide receiver Mohammed Sanu agrees to one-year deal with 49ers

Santa Clara – Mohammed Sanu is the 49th newest wide receiver, who runs to save an injury-laden unit that was unproductive in Sunday’s season-opening loss.

Sanu, 31, agreed to a one-year deal on Tuesday, his agent Mike McCartney announced.

Once Sanu passes the COVID-19 test and joins the defending NFC champion, he will bring an experienced presence. Through eight seasons, he makes a total of 92 starts in stunts with the Cincinnati Bengals, Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots.

They were disposed of a second-round pick to the Patriots in October, before Sanu committed suicide between the 49ers, and the 49ers traded in exchange for Emanuel Sanders, who provided an immediate upgrade to his Super Bowl run. Sanu was released by the Patriots two weeks ago.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick said, “I have a lot of respect for Moe. But ultimately, things just aren’t done.”

Sanu (6-foot-2, 215 pounds) rejoins coach Kyle Sheenahan, who played in his offensive system when the 2016 Atlanta Falcons reached the Super Bowl. The 49ers did not immediately confirm his deal.

Sanu talked about this to former ESPN reporter Josina Anderson, who tweeted about their conversation: “Joe, it happened so quickly. I’m on the plane right now. Shipped the rest of my clothes. Kyle said, this would be great for me, so I welcome that. ”

Sanu has been given six months off ankle surgery, and that makes him healthier than the 49ers, with Deebo Samuel (injured reserve during at least 3 weeks) and Richie James Jr. (hamstring injury Sunday) ) Are included. Brandon Ayuk, a first-round draft pick, was inactive in Sunday’s 24-20 loss due to an August 23 injury. His debut due to a 23 hamstring injury is expected on Sunday, when the 49ers travel to the New York Jets.

“We’ll see how these injuries go, but I love Sanu,” Shanahan said on Monday. “He is one hell of a player, so he is likely to always be out.

“We’ll look into everything that we have, though. We’ve come to know that our numbers are going to increase this week, which we don’t have yet, but I won’t rule it out. It’s available and that’s definitely Se is a guy I really respect and I think everybody in this league respects him. ”

Sanu has 403 career receptions, including 26 for touchdowns. He also ran for two touchdowns and passed for four. An ankle injury last season limited his Patriots’ productivity to 207 yards and a touchdown in the regular season. He had a catch of just 11 yards as the Patriots lost their playoff opener.

The 49ers lost to the Cardinals on Sunday, starting with Kendrick Bourne (two catches) and Dante Pettis (none) while Trent Taylor and Richie James served as backups.