Why Zack Snyder’s Justice League Is Not Released As A Series

The Snyder Cut has gone from being a movie to a miniseries back to a movie, and Zack Snyder reveals why they decided to skip the miniseries concept.

Zack Snyder explains why League of Justice it was switched from a four-part miniseries to a four-hour movie. Zack Snyder’s Justice League finally arrives to see on HBO Max in March that will continue the story that the director started in Iron Man Y Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Zack Snyder’s Justice League It was always intended to be released as a movie, but at one point it was considered that it would be released as a miniseries.

At the DC FanDome, Snyder announced that Justice League would premiere on HBO Max as four one-hour installments on HBO Max, with the indication that each chapter would be released once a week. This makes some sense as HBO Max will become a major home for the DC Entertainment miniseries, including the upcoming Pacifier spinning out of Suicide squad Y Gotham Police Department which will serve as a prequel to The batman. While Zack Snyder’s Justice League It would have been a fitting first start for the DC miniseries, that plan was scrapped and the reason it is now revealed.

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At IGN Fan Fest, Snyder made an appearance and confirmed that the decision to move from the announced miniseries to a four-hour film came down to whether and not certain behind-the-scenes contracts would allow it. While toying with the idea of ​​making the miniseries, the ability to watch it at home makes the four-hour movie more accessible, as audiences can pause the movie to use the bathroom or have a meal of their choice. Snyder also noted that fans have waited long enough, he doesn’t want them to wait any longer.

Zack Snyder's Justice League Snyder Cut Knightmare Batman

Contracts for the stars and various high-level crew members is something that might not be immediately on fans’ minds, however, given the state of the film and certain precedent behind it that would raise a lot of logistical questions. Zack Snyder has stated that he stopped receiving a payment in exchange for having complete freedom in the project, but Warner Bros. would have had to pay the actors who returned for the re-filming scenes and probably renegotiate the contracts of the other stars of movies to make them an actor. cutting a movie into a television series would change the terms of the original contracts they signed and how they would receive compensation or rewards for it. WarnerMedia had to pay Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins more than $ 10 million each when they moved in. Wonder Woman 1984 from a theatrical window to a dated release today on HBO Max.

Another factor for change could be AT & T’s decision to release all of its 2021 movies in theaters and HBO Max simultaneously. When the Snyder Cut miniseries was announced in August 2020, HBO Max was still a new streaming service and the COVID-19 pandemic delayed much of the new programming they had planned. Extension League of Justice over the course of four weeks would be a good way to get people to stay signed in to the app for a month and hopefully continue until the next big project. Now, albeit with the flow of high-profile movies, they are now spacing out larger projects so nothing is lost in the confusion. Zack Snyder’s Justice League now hits HBO Max two weeks early Godzilla Vs Kong and a whole month before Mortal Kombat. With theaters not yet open, HBO Max will provide fans with a month full of highly anticipated movies that they can enjoy from home.

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Source: IGN Fan Fest

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