Why we obsess with touch screen devices


Smartphones have taken over the world. From being essential tools for communication, they have become essential tools for survival, overcoming all the technological obstacles placed in their path.

Mobile phones revolutionized communication by paving the way for pocket voice call machines. Since then, they have been embellished with so many accessories that have made them an indispensable companion in our daily lives.

Millennials are often walking like people from a Wachowski twins movie, with a phone in their hands awaiting instructions for their next movement from a guide being from above the clouds.

The addiction is real. The small moment of heart attack that we have when we can not find our phones is proof enough of our dependence.

Now, Austrian designer Klemens Schillinger has created a device to help smart phone addicts deal with their absence. He has called it the substitute telephone.

Schillinger designed five facsimile telephones, made of black polyoxymethylene plastic, with stone beads embedded in the surface. The idea is to allow users to replicate family actions, such as moving, pinching or sliding. The goal is to use it as an adaptation mechanism for someone trying to control their phones less.

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