A new survey from USA TODAY / Suffolk University reveals what really worries voters heading for the November midterm elections.

PHOENIX – Two Arizona Democrats facing competitive elections this year aligned with President Trump's agenda more in the last three months than most Republicans in the State House delegation.

EE. UU Representatives Kyrsten Sinema and Tom O & # 39; Halleraneach voted with the Trump administration's preferred position on 10 out of 11 key votes, as tracked by the FiveThirtyEight website.

That led the support that Trump received from the Republican representatives of the United States. UU Andy Biggs, Paul Gosar and David Schweikert in that time frame. Only the representative of the USA UU Martha McSally, who voted with Trump on all 11 occasions, was more in line with the president.

One reason for the common ground may have to do with the votes that the House of Representatives has taken so far this year.

One involved the $ 1.3 trillion spending bill that funded all aspects of government, and included a provision to ensure that Arizona's public schools can tap billions of their land trust fund.

Another vote involved a popular bill to prevent school violence.

The only vote in which Sinema and O & # 39; Halleran separated with the White House was the January 18 vote on a four-week budget extension to avoid the closure of the government. Both voted against the measure, which was still approved by the House of Representatives but could not overcome obsessive Democratic obstruction in the Senate.

After a two-day weekend closing, Sinema and O & # 39; Halleran voted for a three-week spending plan that helped end the budget impasse.

Their strong support for Trump comes when both face competitive elections and, as the Democratic Party advises candidates "running in alternative districts," they should express their willingness to work with the president when their agenda can help to the district. "" According to Axios.

Sinema will run for the Senate this year and O & # 39; Halleran will run for a second term in the ever competitive district that covers Northeast Arizona.


A new CNN poll … means more bad news for President Trump. Nick Cardona de Veuer has that story.

Biggs and Gosar each voted against Trump's position six of 11 times. They opposed, for example, the reauthorization of an espionage program without a court order and a series of provisional financing projects.

McSally, who faces Republican competitive competition in his Senate race, remains the most loyal member of the Arizona delegation on Trump's agenda. Since last year, he has aligned with Trump in 68 of the 70 key votes, or 97 percent of the time.

Democrat Raul Grijalva remained Trump's strongest opponent, voting with Trump's preferred position of less than 9 percent since last year.

Rep. Ruben Gallego, an Arizona Democrat, voted with Trump on two of the 11 measures so far this year, extending his overwhelming opposition to the White House agenda.

U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake, a Republican from Arizona, has not hesitated to express his disapproval of Trump, but has voted six times in the president's position so far this year and 85 percent since last year.

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