Why Taylor Swift’s ‘Folklore’ discusses ‘1989’ again

Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift’s eighth studio album, social litrature, Here it is. And he has once again taken the world by storm. As his devoted fans (known as Swifty) celebrate it, he has also gained some new listeners. Find out why this release compares to her previous albums.

Taylor Swift’s new album ‘Folklore’

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Most of the things I had planned for this summer did not end, but there is something I did not plan for. And that thing is my 8th studio album, Folklore. Tonight at midnight, I am releasing my brand new album, I have introduced all my notes, dreams, fears and music. I wrote and recorded this music in isolation, but I got to collaborate with some musical heroes; @arondessner (who co-wrote or produced 11 of the 16 songs), @boniver (who co-wrote and was kind enough to sing one on one with me), William Bowery (who co-wrote with me Did) and @jantantonoff (which is basically the musical family at this point). Engineered by Laura Sisk and John Low, mixed by Serban Genia and John Low. Photos from the album were shot by the amazing @bethgarrabrant. Before this year I was probably uprooted to release this music at the ‘right’ time, but the time we’re living in reminds me that nothing is guaranteed. My gut is telling me that if you do something that you love, you should bring it into the world. This is the side of uncertainty that I can consider. Love you guys so much ♥ ♥

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Less than a year after her seventh album, the lover, Dropped, swift announced social litrature. It did so without any press or discussion, it announced less than 24 hours before its release. She wrote on social media, “Tonight at midnight I will release all my brand new albums, which I have put in all my notes, dreams, fears and music.”

social litratureA music video for her debut single, “Cardigan”, surfaced on July 24, 2020. Swift considered the album “a collection of songs and stories that flowed like a stream of consciousness.” There are 16 tracks on the standard album (plus on the deluxe version written in the last few months).

This is more indie sound than her previous record

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In addition to frequent collaborator Jack Antof, Swift worked with a new “musical hero”, Aaron Dessner of the indie rock band National. Desner wrote on Instagram that she was “excited and honored” to work with him. He also cited the contribution of another bandmate: his brother, Bryce Dessner, and his “Beautiful Orchestra”.

The group’s work on the album has received comments from the public. One Twitter User, political pundit Kevin Madden wrote, “Is it okay to accept the new Taylor Swift album, really good? The mix works perfectly with The National’s voice. Anyone else hear the effect?”

Ryan Adams covers his first pop album ‘1989’

Taylor Swift performs with iHeartRadio on October 27, 2014 in New York City during their 1989 secret session. | Kevin Mazur / TAS / Getty Images for TAS

As fans and critics classify this latest work, it is reminiscent of a time when Swift shifted genres in the past. His 2015 Grammy-winning release 1989 He was officially classified as “pop” after his first country people. Then, indie rock artist Ryan Adams released a full album cover, which paid more attention to it, although not all were positive.

Anna Leszkiewicz wrote in an article for the New Statesman, who praised the cover album. It is compared to the original.

Why do fans have problems with comparisons

Together social litrature Style search begins to refer to audience 1989 And Adams’ cover. Chris Williams of Variety wrote, “At least no one would need an album-length Ryan Adams remake to convince anyone that there was songwriting.” He, like others, also attributed the change in national influence.

But Swifty is convinced that the artist had it all with him. “Remember when Ryan Adams heard 1989 And literally thought ‘I can do better’ and re-recorded the whole thing? I like to think social litrature As Taylor Swift has been waiting for like 5 years and has written a Twitter user like ‘No’.

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