Why smartphones dominate Cyber ​​Monday


  Black Friday phones
Smart phones are fast
becoming the reference device for online purchases.

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  • Smart phones have become the fastest growing
    platform for online shopping these holidays, in terms of both
    navigation and purchase.
  • They dominated Thanksgiving shopping, and now they're
    on the way to dominating Cyber ​​Monday as well.
  • Its constant presence in its owners and ease of use are
    possible contributors to the reason why.

Cyber ​​Monday is here, and workers across the United States are heads
on their shopping desks on their phones.

The day is on track to become the largest online sales
day in the history of the USA UU., According to a preliminary calculation of Adobe
Analytics. As of 10 a.m., online sales have already totaled $ 840
million, measuring almost 17% growth year after year.

Smart phones are one of the biggest drivers
of that growth, with 44.6% of site visits, and almost
30% of the income generated. Phone traffic increased by 21% in
last year, while the revenues generated by the phones grew by 41% when
compared to last year: a new growth record.

Part of this is due to the fact that everyone maintains their
smartphones in them at all times but another one is because of the
fact that mobile experiences have been refined through applications and
integration with mobile wallet services such as Apple Pay.

"More than [Cyber Monday shopping] will happen in
smartphones … where the most fluid shopping experiences through
the autocomplete capabilities are helping to boost the growth we see in
mobile, "Tamara Gaffney, head of
Strategic Insights Engagement Group, said in a prepared statement
in the data.

For example, the integration of Apple Pay allows users to avoid
entering any type of personal information or delivery and
instead, it allows you to make a purchase immediately with just one
fingerprint or facial scan

Most retailers have struggled to make their application experiences
more streamlined too, reducing the number of steps needed
to go from the shopping cart screen to the order confirmation

Smart phones are also contributing to
sales growth at Thanksgiving
during Black Friday, counting for
46% of all retail traffic according to Adobe – an increase of
more than 15% over last year. At the same time, traffic decreased
from the tablets and desks, which makes the mobile the most
popular choice for Thanksgiving shopping for the first time.

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