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Why Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola can not return to the “Jersey Shore”


The Jersey Shore may be returning to MTV, but there may be a large "Sweetheart" sized hole to complete the cast. The network made the announcement that seven of the eight favorite worshipers of the series would return in 2018 to Jersey Shore: Family Vacation but Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola was not among them. Now, Nicole "Snooki" LaValle has offered fans some information about her absence on her podcast, It's happening with Snooki and Joey and the reason is not so surprising.

As fans of the show You're likely to remember, Giancola was involved in a tumultuous, intermittent with fellow cast member Ronnie Ortiz-Magro for much of the four-year reign of the series. The duo left it definitively in 2014, following separate paths in their personal and professional efforts: Ortiz-Magro has been absent from most of the series' revival projects, including Burger King's recent commercial and E! special meeting .

While LaValle said he would not speak on behalf of his friend, he did notice that Giancola, 30, "is in such a happy place that I feel he does not want to go back into that." drama, if it happens. "

As her co-host, Joey Camasta revealed, she also has someone new in her life." She has a great relationship right now, and she is very happy. "

" Filming the program at Jersey Shore back then, it was so … I was crazy. It took a toll, it's very emotional, and being that, there was a lot of drama by Ron and Sam when we made the film and it was really hard for both of us, "reality agreed." I think he does not want that anymore. "

Even so, LaValle, now the mother of two children, says that all hope can not be lost, and that the rest of her friends ask the resident girlfriend of her team to join them with promises that things will be different this time. "It really depends on her, but um, yes, hopefully, everyone prays for Sammi to come back, because I feel like she could change her mind," she urged, adding, "Sam! If you are listening, come to the show. Like, for … for. Stop him right now before he bads you. "(Who could argue that?)

While we would definitely understand if she made the decision not to rejoin the cast, we'll keep our fingers crossed, things will be different this time around and she'll change her mind. [19659004] Do you think that Sammi should sit this one? Sound off @BritandCo .

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