Why poop testing may be a better way to detect COVID-19

COVID-19 can persist in the intestine even after the virus is cleared from the airways – according to a new study, suggesting that fecal matter may be a better way to detect the virus than traditional nasal inflammation.

The study, which was published in the medical journal GUT, stated that the virus can infect the digestive system, even if a patient is not suffering from any gastrointestinal symptoms.

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Researchers at the Chinese University of Hong Kong said stool samples could be used to detect the virus.

They looked at stool samples from 15 COVID-19 patients and found active intestinal viral infections in seven – even without any gastrointestinal symptoms.

The researchers said that three of them continued to suffer from active viral infections for six days, until their respiratory samples tested negative for the virus.

Researchers said the findings suggest that stool samples may be a better way to detect the virus.

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Paul Chan, president of the university’s Department of Microbiology, said children are particularly good candidates for stool samples because their viral load was “several times higher” than in adults.

“Stool samples are more convenient, safe and non-invasive for collecting hair samples and can give accurate results,” Chan said in a statement.

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