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Why Overwatch PvE modes are only available for a limited time

The next big PvE event from Overwatch is already live. As part of the Overwatch Archives series, Retribution takes note of last year's Uprising event, pitting four players against an avalanche of AI-controlled foes on a narrative-centric mission. Detailing one of the last missions conducted by Blackwatch, Retribution is set eight years before the main game events, focusing on a doomed operation with McCree, Genji, Moira and Gabriel Reyes, who would eventually become Reaper.

At the moment, the plan is not to have [Retribution] available after [the timed event]"Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan said during a question and answer session." We are constantly reviewing those kinds of decisions with some things that we have done: capturing the flag is a good example. In our previous event for Year of the Dog, where we presented a completely new map for him, we thought it was evergreen and kept it in the system. So, now the plan is to have it available for the event for about three weeks. "

Blizzard experiments with PvE events have been something that fans have appreciated, despite being a game with a strong focus on Character presentation, style and personality, the focus remains on its 6v6 multiplayer game mode, which leaves little room for dedicated storytelling, yet the Blizzard developers enjoy the opportunity to try something different and experiment with new types of game within the infrastructure of its multiplayer design.

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"It is a PvP 6v6 game in its core, but throughout the development we have had these small exercises that we do, how to make the capture the mode flag, Uprising last year and now Retribution this year, where we really explore what kind of game we can have fun and expand on what Overwatch is, "said the artist of VFX Rachel Day, who previously worked on Diablo III and Starcraft 2. " Doing things like this PvE content is really an opportunity for us to look for other ways to entertain these characters, the gameplay is fun, and I think we really did it. I hope people are really waiting for it. "

For developers, make these events work as a way to steadily enter the universe of Overwatch within the game – to define aspe cts of the characters, together With the space they inhabit, while the comics and short films they release online add extra flavor to the general narrative, the game usually has the final say, and the developers are still trying to find a way to express it. of games Matthew Hawley, explained that Overwatch is still in its infancy when compared to other Blizzard IPs, and that the hero's shooter is still defining himself.

"I think that for me, as someone who tends to will feel more attracted to cooperative games or guided by stories, and as someone who loves the potential of what the Overwatch universe can be, I think of Overwatch as our Warcraft 1 in terms of what the Warcraft story was in the original game, and they were just Orcs and Humans, "said Matthew Hawley. "We submerged ourselves in the water with the 6v6 shooter and discovered that the characters and heroes were very accessible to people, and that is why we started to carry out history missions such as Uprising and Retribution to discover how to get people who are not in PvP, something to offer that tells the stories we want to tell. "

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During the summit of media, the developers were clear in affirming that the reactions of the fans have been a strong indicator of their success, and understand that there is a desire to have more unusual events and scenarios presented in the game. Even so, the game director of Overwatch and the de facto face of the series, Kaplan, explained why Overwatch will remain as a game exclusively oriented to PvP, for the time being.

"I think it's important to talk about why [it’s a timed event]" he said. "I do not think players always understand why we do not want players to have access to it throughout the year, and maybe this is just the developer's insecurity, but let me give you the reason why we do not make these events available to all. Actually, I think there's a big difference between creating highly reproducible PvE content that you expect someone to get hundreds of thousands of hours of play instead of something that you think can be maintained for a couple of weeks, it would happen if we put Uprising and Retribution only permanently in the game is that players would find that they needed more of it, such as a system of progression at the top, or punctuation, or elements, or players who ask when the next mission will be.They would like more content [beyond Uprising and Retribution] . "

Despite Blizzard's firmness in maintaining focus in the multiplayer mode, the developers did not completely oppose the histo mode. estuary. With concerns about their current offers, the Uprising, Retribution and Junkenstein events, which are not deep enough, Blizzard could one day implement one that fans can tighten and not leave them wanting more. But in its current state, developers are content to just keep it for a limited time.

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"In its essence, Overwatch is a PvP game, so it's fun for us to explore PvE," Kaplan said. "But since we've all worked in Diablo, Starcraft, Warcraft, we've worked on a series of PvE games and we know what player instincts they will be," he continued. "So, if you said that this was a perennial experience throughout the year, we want to make sure that it stays up to that point before publishing it around that time."

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