Why Mushrooms May Be The Best Anti Ageing Food Yet!


Love the mushrooms in your pizza or simply mushrooms usually? You is likely to be serving to your self within the battle towards ageing and in boosting your common well being, in keeping with a crew of Penn State researchers!

That’s as a result of mushrooms are a wealthy supply of potent antioxidants, state the researchers!



Mushrooms have excessive quantities of the ergothioneine and glutathione, each essential antioxidants, mentioned Robert Beelman, Professor Emeritus at Pennsylvania State University within the US.

“What we discovered is that, no doubt, mushrooms are highest dietary supply of those two antioxidants taken collectively, and that some varieties are actually full of each of them,” mentioned Beelman.

When the physique makes use of meals to supply vitality, it additionally causes oxidative stress as a result of some free radicals are produced, Beelman mentioned.



The research revealed within the journal Food Chemistry means that the quantities of ergothioneine and glutathione in mushrooms differ by species with the porcini species, a wild selection, containing the best quantity of the 2 compounds among the many 13 species examined.

“We found that the porcini has the highest, by far, of any we tested,” mentioned Beelman. “This species is really popular in Italy where searching for it has become a national pastime.”

The extra widespread mushroom varieties, just like the white button, had much less of the antioxidants, however had increased quantities than most different meals, Beelman mentioned.

Free radicals are oxygen atoms with unpaired electrons that trigger harm to cells, proteins and even DNA as these extremely reactive atoms journey by way of the physique searching for to pair up with different electrons.



“There’s a theory—the free radical theory of ageing—that’s been around for a long time that says when we oxidise our food to produce energy there’s a number of free radicals that are produced that are side products of that action and many of these are quite toxic,” Beelman mentioned.

Replenishing antioxidants within the physique, then, could badist shield towards this oxidative stress.

The quantity of ergothioneine and glutathione look like correlated in mushrooms, the researchers mentioned.

Mushrooms which are excessive in glutathione are additionally excessive in ergothioneine, for instance.


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Cooking mushrooms doesn’t appear to considerably have an effect on the compounds, Beelman mentioned.

The researchers mentioned that future badysis could take a look at any function that ergothioneine and glutathione have in reducing the chance of neurodegenerative ailments, resembling Parkinson’s illness and Alzheimer’s illness.

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  • “It’s preliminary, however you’ll be able to see that nations which have extra ergothioneine of their diets, nations like France and Italy, even have decrease incidences of neurodegenerative ailments, whereas folks in nations just like the United States, which has low quantities of ergothioneine within the eating regimen, have a better likelihood of ailments like Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s,” Beelman mentioned.

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