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Why Max Kellerman has Carson Wentz (not Tom Brady) as NFL MVP “Claro” | NFL

After losing to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz could have slipped to second behind New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in the career of Player More Valuable of the NFL.

However, do not tell Max Kellerman.

During Wednesday's episode of "First Take" on ESPN, Kellerman declared why he still has Wentz, not Brady, as the "clear" MVP.

While some of Kellerman's interpretation makes sense, it definitely did not start strong.

"Tom Brady is clearly second and Russell Wilson is breathing down his neck, but now it's Carson Wentz," Kellerman said. "First of all, he can do physical things that Tom Brady can not do, he can escape the pressure using his legs, he has a bigger arm, he can move the ball down the field in a way, he can really do it, Aaron Rodgers does not throw, but almost close to the Aaron Rodgers releases.

"… Carson Wentz can do physical things that Tom Brady could never do"

What do physical gifts have to do with winning the MVP? Putting too much importance on physical attributes is precisely the reason why Brady was taken to the ninth pick in the 2000 NFL Draft.

Kellerman eventually recognizes that Brady is the most "cerebral" quarterback, but still, that's a pretty horrible way to start your shot.

As for which quarterback deserves the prize, it's hard to say. Both players have taken their teams to 10-2 records, but Brady seems to have the advantage in the statistics, albeit slightly.

Brady: 300-by-438 (68.5 percent); 3,632 yards; 26 TDs; 4 INT; 74.1 Total QBR
Wentz: 242-by-399 (60.7 percent); 3,005 yards; 29 TDs; 6 INT; 73.6 Total QBR

If Brady and Wentz are still running at their current levels, this MVP race could be one of the closest in recent memory.

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