Why James van der Beek took the family to Tejas

Van Der Beeks is ready for a fresh start.

James Van der Beek, his wife Kimberly, and their five children arrived in Texas on Tuesday after deciding to leave Los Angeles. In a post on Instagram, Dawson’s Creek Alum explains how harm happens in pregnancy, her mother’s death and her death dancing with the Stars Contributed to the need for change.

James Van der Beek is “overflowing with deepest gratitude” as his family lands in Texas after making a big move. (Photo: Reuters)

“In the last ten months, we’ve had two pregnancy losses, each of which has been kept [Kimberly] In the hospital, we spent the Christmas vacation thinking that he had a tumor (the doctor was wrong, thank God), a business colleague I had hired hijacked the project and stabbed me in the back, I prematurely got away from a reality dancing show that I favored. To win in front of the whole world, and my mother died, ”the actor wrote. He also cited the “shut-down” resulting from the coronovirus epidemic.

He said, “This brought some drastic changes in our lives, and dreams and priorities … and landed us here.” “Today overflowed with sincere gratitude.”

Van der Beek is documenting his 10-day road trip to the east. They also explained why they wanted to move out of California.

“We walked away from the bus in the park in Beverly Hills near the house … you were not allowed to fly a KITE,” he captioned a video parachuting an unknown man in a park. “Also, no one is allowed in any of the #BeveryHills parks: cycling, climbing trees, throwing balls against a cinder-block wall, learning anything from the instructor, using weights, cones or pads of any kind, Beat (even rubber)), and you cannot use a batting cage built next to a baseball field.

varsity Blues The actor said, “When people ask why we are bringing our children out of LA, these are some of the reasons.”

Los Angeles wasn’t all bad, though. When replying to a commenter that she said she could not live in Beverly Hills, van der Beek wrote, “I mean … they sort your trash and separate the recycling, and literally pave the pavements.” Shave so that there are no ridges, which, as a daddy who pushes a stroller, I appreciated. But the rest of it? Not so much. “

Van der Beek indicated that politics was not a major factor in the decision to relocate the family.

“I hope people who have fled these crazy states will vote red from now on and do not waste the states they run from,” one woman commented.

“I didn’t vote by color,” he replied. “I believe that every issue deserves its own view outside of team politics in Washington that is currently preventing our government from serving us efficiently. Our mainstream news sources, and anti-representative lines in Congress Like we work along party lines. We have to do better than this. “

Van der Beek said he is working on “gaining independence”.

“When I was a child, I used to think that freedom would ultimately be the things I dreamed of being. It was not then that I felt that freedom would have nothing to do with anything. It was not now, in the middle of moving to a new state, 1500 miles from any place… put what you love first.

James and Kimberly Van der Beek are the parents of Olivia, 10, Joshua, 8, Annabelle, 6, Emilia, 4, and Gwendolyn, 2.

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