Why is jojo siva coming out

There is no precedent for what Jojo did – any star of his age, his age, whose audience is mostly made up of elementary school students, has surfaced publicly. And Jojo, with his unearthly bliss, is an example unlike any young people of LGBTQ.

Tracy Gillig, assistant professor of communications at Washington State, said, “JoJo is proud of her identity and her confidence in eliciting negative reactions indicates that her social media presence will foster a sense of supportive community for LGBTQ youth.” ” Representation on LGBTQ + youth. “He’s another voice – and a big one – communicates to young LGBTQ people that they love.”

Now, LGBTQ children have one of the biggest child stars in the world.

Jojo says she is the happiest woman ever

Undeniably, Joelle Joni is a ray of unmatched, sometimes strong sunshine. He is rarely seen with a bow bowed neatly without his gravity-less pony. She introduces innocent, unbreakable positivity. She confides to her young audience in enthusiastic shouts.

In 2021, Jojo is at the height of his powers. He is a pop star, published author and alumnus of the Abbey Lee Dance Company. Her name is used to sell bedside lilies, pink pint-shaped furniture, face masks, and of course, bows. He earned millions from his merchandise, tourism and über-popular social channels. She lives in a mansion adorned with images of her face and drives a BMW convertible that bears her smiling face on the hood.

Because Jojo’s personality has been demonetized (and because most of her audience is young children), she keeps fans at some distance. She invites cameras to her home, and while she works reliably and is entertaining, she also plays a part.

However, his coming out was devoid of all pretense.

CNN reached out to JoJo campaigners for comment and did not hear back. But Jojo made a statement on Instagram Live upon his exit.
A black Time 100 hoodie (wearing a subtle flex; he was on the magazine’s list of the world’s most influential people last year) and a sensible bow, her voice lowered into a register that she rarely uses online. She felt that she was completely touched by the support she received.

Someone on Instagram Live asked him how he identified. She openly replied – she does not know.

“I want to share everything with the world; I really do,” he told his audience. “But I also want to keep things private in my life until they are ready to go public.”

Still, he said, “Never, ever, ever before was this happy,” she said.

Jojo Siwa is one of the most influential children in the world.  He is one of the first famous people to come out as a teenager at the height of his powers.

“I think there’s this stigma around coming out, that it’s a really, really, really scary thing,” she said. “It’s not there anymore. There’s a lot of people to accept and love. Of course people are going to say it’s not normal, but it’s your normal.”

Coming out is still really, really, Really Scary for many LGBTQ children. A human rights campaign survey found – out of more than 10,000 teen respondents, only half said they were out of their families. Teens who had left for their immediate family felt happier than those who were not.

Jojo also has the advantage of being rich and popular online. He may lose a lot by coming out – sponsors, fans, some income – but non-famous kids who watch his videos lose a lot.

But seeing someone like JoJo, who has conquered the world 17 years earlier, unfolded in a very public way, is still worthwhile, said Jill Gutwitt, a culture writer whose upcoming book, “Cannon,” Pop Examines the influence of women queuing in culture.

“Kinnear adults have only begun to see themselves represented by highly visible celebrities over the years, but teenagers and children – the audience of Siwa – still have many, queer, over-looking pop culture figures to watch. Are not, ”Gutwitz told CNN in an email.

Now, he has got one of the most visible children in the world as an example.

“I’ve heard a lot of people say that coming up with such a huge platform is ‘brave’, and in a way that’s true, given the history of our culture burying or erasing history,” she said said. “But I don’t think Jojo Siva came out because she was doing something ‘brave’ – I think she came out because it’s her, and it’s important for her to share herself with her fans . ”

In this way, Jojo has the same values ​​in his life that he carries to fans in his messages: he is his greatest self.

She is setting a new example

Gillig, assistant professor of communications at Washington State University, said Jojo’s exit is unlike any other celebrity.

“Jojo is a rare example of a young man who has been in media headlines for years before coming out as an LGBTQ while still a teenager,” Gillig said.

Some fictional examples are – the two characters on the freeform show “The Fosters” – and the inevitable comparison to Ellen DeGeners, who appeared on the cover of Time magazine and in an episode of her sitcom in 1997. Jojo has an advantage that the comedian-talk-talk show host was not, however.
Two years after Ellen came out, only half of Americans believed that a homosexual relationship between two consenting adults should be legal, according to a Gallup poll. This number is now 72%. Efforts to limit homophobia and the legal protections offered to gay Americans are still widespread in the US, although general support for same-sex relationships has increased.

There is little consensus, however, for children who come out. Children who know they are LGBTQ when they are young are not always believed by adults in their lives, and their experiences are often discounted, Lori Duron, an advocate for LGBTQ youth and a lesbian , Is the mother of a non-infant child.

People ask Duron’s son that at the age of 13, he knows that he is gay and non-gay. He says he is certainly too young to know how he identifies, Duron, a member of PFLAG, an organization for parents and their LGBTQ children.

Asked how long she has been LGBTQ, Jojo said that she probably knew her whole life.

“I always believed that my person would be my person,” she said on Instagram Live. “If that person became a boy, then great! If that person became a girl, he would be great!”

Duron said she thinks that Jojo’s example may force parents to take their children seriously when they come out at an early age.

Jojo, twin with a doll.

“For him to come out, keeping it super positive – I think it can change some minds and change some hearts,” she said. “Because he’s still what he was two days ago or two weeks ago, and they’re seeing it. It’s the visibility that softens people’s minds and hearts over time.”

It’s impressive, too, Duron said, to publicly support Jojo’s parents for showing her support.

In his follow-up video, JoJo ends with some of the things his father previously told: “Hey man, love is universal!”

Jesoya Siva, JoJo’s mom who appeared on “Dance Moms” with her daughter for two seasons, supported JoJo on Instagram: “The best thing you can be yourself and the best gift you can give to someone Is that they absolutely love who they are. ” Forever – forever. ”

“It’s so important to see, that adults can be safe and loving and supportive,” Duren said. “I think it is very important for the audience to see it, as well – that she is loved and accepted at home.”

He got no time for haters

Whether Jojo maintains his identity, a large part of his empire remains to be seen, but his announcement itself was a major step towards the entertainment of children. It was only in 2018 that a major studio released a film focused on a gay teenage love story – “Love, Simon”, whose high school hero was discontinued for the film. Shows such as “Sex Education,” “Riverdale” and “Shits Creek” have changed the storylines of the protagonist, but those series are geared towards teens and adults.
JoJo, in his own way, came out on his own terms – and fans are largely standing behind him, as is Nickelodeon, which signed JoJo to a talent deal in 2017. When reached for comment by CNN, a representative referred to Nickelonon’s Instagram post – a photo of Jojo with the caption “Never Been More Proud.”
His entrance still stalled, as JoJo tells them, “hates.” Some followers – many of them parents – claimed that their children would never watch another video of her.
For a user, he responded to With the typical pep – “Okay!”
Jojo Siva with Nicole Scherzinger & quot;  The Masked Singer & quot;  performed on.
Hatred became dangerous at one point. Jojo said that her house had become “swah”, meaning that someone called a SWAT team at her house on a fake call. The incident frightened her, she said on her videographer’s Instagram livestream.

Still, Gillig said, “the long-term impact of her coming out will undoubtedly be positive for LGBTQ people.”

This has already happened for Duron’s son, only in the past week. He happily sends his tikkos to Jojo and goes to her bedroom to show her new videos with the Dhanush-Baan star.

“It just makes her so happy,” he said. “He still sometimes doesn’t feel completely safe and doesn’t see that visibility in the world, so to look at him and see someone – he looks at his picture while shopping – it’s just that Means a lot. “

JoJo happily bows on Instagram Live. She yearned, she said with a smile, she used “awesome” in every other sentence. He jokingly said that his face has started to erupt with such a smile.

Even the haters could not diminish her brightness.

“Why, she’s on stage and with power, she wants to make some hating people comfortable just to hide a huge part of herself when her whole message is to do it loudly, proudly to herself?” Gutwitz said. “It makes no sense to him, and he doesn’t have to do it. And it’s a powerful message.”

Shortly after her provocative Instagram live address, Jojo left for Canada, where she would stay for months to film a secret project. When she is ready, she will tell her story to the public at large. But for now, he has said enough.

His happiness speaks for itself.


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