Why is Elon Musk so bad on Twitter?

Just as Donald Trump built a brand to be successful, Spaceon and Tesla CEO Elon Musk have built a brand around being smart. As with the president, much of Musk's Public Relations work is carried out not by the braggart himself, but by his idolaters and the media. Namely: Robert Downey Jr.'s description of Iron Man's political playboy, Iron Man, in the Marvel films, was based lightly on Musk, forever equating the two in the minds of many fans. More recently, an incredible name fall in "Star Trek: Discovery" implied that he would be remembered in the future for his skill as an inventor. And every time someone criticizes him on Twitter, his fanatical fanatics – yes, they are mostly men – run screaming in their defense, they even try to hack their criticism & online accounts.

But as with Trump, there are indications that Musk's innovative brilliance is not what it seems. The highly publicized "hyperloop" of musk, a proposal for the transit of evacuated tubes, looks suspiciously similar, in fact, almost identical, to a comparable proposal presented by the RAND corporation in the 1970s. Its Tesla brand teeters on the edge of bankruptcy and seems to have avoided sinking simply by being able to afford the brand of its founder, which forces many investors to empty their pockets. Multiple companies with which he is involved are "successful" by any measure only because they take advantage of government contracts, following a neoliberal pattern of privatization, suggesting that their true "genius" could be in the founding companies that seem willing to take advantage of the subsidies. 19659002] If there is a strong hint that Musk's genius is not what it seems, take his communication style as Annex A. Again, like Trump (does a pattern warn?), His style of public communication implies that he has the gauze skin. [19659002] On the day of the innocent, just as reports circulated that many investors believed that Tesla was on the verge of bankruptcy, Musk took to Twitter several tweets in which he mocked those who had badyzed the flimsy finances of his company.

It was discovered that Elon had pbaded in front of a Tesla Model 3, surrounded by "Teslaquilla" bottles, the traces of dry tears still visible on his cheeks.

This is not a forward-looking statement, because, obviously, what is the point? [19659006] Happy new month!

– @ ElonMusk 3:02 PM – April 1, 2018

The final tweet was accompanied by an image of musk, eyes closed, lying on a Tesla, holding A cardboard sign that says "Banca!" in Sharpie.

Far from being merely harmless, the April Fool Musk tweets irritated many. The Washington Post published a complete article, which included these responses from commentators:

"It was not funny, because it's not a joke," said Gene Munster, who directs research at venture capital firm Loup Ventures. . "It was not appropriate, because they probably had their worst week since the company started, and it's not the week to make jokes."

"It is perfectly appropriate to try to inject lightness and a kind of personality into your communications, but not when it is under scrutiny as a result of a [recent] death [of a driver who was using Tesla’s semi-autonomous Autopilot system]," said Paul Argenti, a professor at the Tuck School of Business. Dartmouth College. "If I were a shareholder, it would not seem fun to me."

Victoria Reitano, an expert in digital marketing and social networks with experience in managing high profile social media accounts, resisted Musk's social media habits. "As a thought leader, you have a responsibility to your audience," Reitano told Salon. He added that Musk has a greater responsibility to the public than a layman could have given to his role as administrator of a publicly traded company.

As a billionaire, Musk can certainly afford to hire social network administrators. So, why does not he? Does your ego prevent you from believing that you are not an expert in communications? Does someone in your inner sanctuary raise the alarm?

Probably not, because from his April Fool's Day tweets, Musk's presence on social networks has become more deranged.

Specifically, last month, Elon Musk's Twitter with the cartoonist of the popular series Existential Comics raised his eyebrows and provided a plan for everything a CEO should not do online.

The unsuccessful began with a tweet from the Twitter account of Existential Comics, directed by cartoonist Corey Mohler. "The funniest thing about libertarians who adore [Elon Musk] is that he is basically the villain of Atlas Shrugged." He earns all his money from government subsidies and contracts, and wildly exaggerating production to increase stock prices, "wrote Existecial Comics.

Musk is a public figure with a verified Twitter account and almost 22 million followers, who will probably get thousands of people to tweet with him one day; The Existential Comics Twitter account is popularly but admittedly a niche, and has 205,000 followers, or about 1 percent of Musk's followers count. Understandably, Mohler did not expect Musk to notice his tweet or respond to the Twitter page of a cartoon.

But he did.

"Our giant automobile competitors [company] have much more access to incentives than Tesla, which means Tesla has prospered despite subsidies [government] not because of them." The Tesla limit [market] has * increased * over time as EV incentives [Electric Vehicle] decreased. How strange … "Musk responded . [19659006] Musk may have underestimated Mohler's knowledge of Tesla's internal commercial operations. "The government invested more money in Telsa & SpaceX than you, by far, do not have shares with the right to vote because you sell excessively deflated stocks to prevent the public from having a voice in their publicly funded companies. the cube, "Mohler replied by tweeting a link to an LA Times article, titled:" The growing Elon Musk empire is fed by $ 4.9 billion in government subsidies. "

"That article was used as propaganda to counter the IMF study showing that subsidies for fossil fuels are $ 5 billion / year," responded Musk . "Even if $ 4.9B were true, the combined capitalization of Tesla & SpaceX is $ 80B, where did the other $ 75B come from? Ass [Hat] …"

He continued. Mohler: "Jesus friend, the market limit is not what was invested in. You put as much as $ 70 million of the money you got by swindling people with PayPal, the government invested half a billion, if you allowed that money to be invested in stocks, they would have part of that market limit. "

Musk replies decentralized. "It's no use arguing with chimpanzees, you're blocked," he concluded.

"I was quite surprised to see the notification on my phone that I was responding," Mohler told Salon via email. "I was not really labeling him to try to provoke him into an argument or something, just because I did not think he was realistic." Now I realize that he does this kind of thing a lot, so maybe he should have known. "

" It's amazing that he's so angry online that he literally answered me in the middle of a rocket launch, because I said he was not as cool as John Galt or whatever, "he added. "I think he has surrounded himself with people who have praised him for so long that he can not stand the slightest criticism without losing it."

I asked Reitano what he had said about Musk's insults in the school playground. "It's a bad practice" for social networks, he said. "However, he got a lot of press out of this." She said she would not have advised him to behave that way, if she had handled her accounts.

While Musk may have received a bit of press from the exchange, Existential Comics got a lot. Mohler says that his argument and his tweet summary had 1.5 million Twitter impressions, and he gained 5,000 followers. But beyond simply building the profile of Existential Comics, the test seems to have helped draw attention to Musk's most important criticisms: that he is not as good a businessman as he might seem; that he is not really a "public intellectual" as some people do; that probably helped contribute to PayPal fraud; and that much of the wealth comes from government subsidies and exaggerations, rather than commercial acumen.

Mohler's mockery of "swindling people with PayPal", to which Musk did not respond directly, alludes to a continuing incident in the company's digital payment in the late 1990s and early 2000s, a period during which Musk was CEO. At that time, PayPal froze the accounts of thousands of PayPal users with small account balances and then did not respond to their questions to unfreeze their badets. (Since PayPal is not a bank, they were not subject to the rules of the financial industry to pay the balances of customers).

The questionable timing of the account is frozen, occurred around the time eBay was interested in acquiring PayPal, with the fact that PayPal seems to have chosen customers with account balances that were small enough so that the time of customers are not worth it, indications, for some, that the company led by Musk defrauded customers to make their own balance the sheets look better Many consumers joined a clbad action lawsuit.

It is not known how and if Musk was involved in this alleged scam: he was expelled as CEO of PayPal in October 2000. When eBay bought PayPal in 2002, Musk, which was still its largest shareholder, pocketed $ 165 million , which means that it benefited from the company's dubious business practices.

As for Musk's extended fanboy adulation, the altercation seems to have punched a hole in that image, too. "Their answers were a bit incoherent, and they seem to overlook the point," Mohler told Salon. "However, he's pretty smart at self-promotion and he's increasing his stock prices vastly beyond his value based on the amount of money his companies are really making, and that's the most desired skill he can have in Silicon Valley, so in that sense I suppose he's a Silicon Valley genius. "

" People like him do not seem to understand that you're just going to help someone like me answer and draw more attention to it, "Mohler told Salon. . "It's especially dangerous to talk to a comedian too, because all my business is making jokes on Twitter, actually, I'm a little disappointed that I did not consider the possibility that he would respond, or have had many better tweets lined up."

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