Why grape-nuts are in short supply during the epidemic

Perhaps it is only fitting that A. Universal epidemic That brought on fast hoarding and Lack of toilet paper It will eventually have one of America’s best-known high-fiber grains disappearing from store shelves.

Post Holdings confirms to CBS MoneyWatch that it is currently unable to keep up with the country’s increased appetite for its grape-nuts grain. The St. Louis-based food company also assured that it is not pulling the plug on the 120-year-old brand, as some have speculated social media There is not a box of grape-nuts in sight in the middle of grocery store shelves. Grape-nuts should be back on store shelves in the spring, Post Holdings promised Friday.

Grape-Nuts manager Kristin Dock said, “People can continue to see shortages and temporary out-of-stock on grape-nuts as we continue to work through supply shortages and high grain demand amid the epidemic . ” MoneyWatch “And first of all, we want to make sure that fans of grape-nuts know that we have no plans to discontinue grape-nuts grains.”

With more Americans eating at home, their consumption of grape-nuts also increased, and whole-grain wheat grains are as much more complex as possible, according to their manufacturer, to make dense crisps.

Drek said in his email, “Grape-nuts are made using a proprietary technology and a production process that is not easily replicated, making it more difficult to move production to meet demand during this time It is done.”

First introduced in 1897, a sudden decrease in the availability of grape-nuts led to a handshake among its fans on social media, and was discouraged by others from having such a product present.

The Grape-Nuts website helps that Grape-Nuts “is actually neither grape nor nuts.” The name may have come from cereal seeds with grape seeds or its nutty flavor and distinctive crunch, the site states. Its main ingredient is whole grain wheat flour which packs seven grams of fiber per half cup of serving. No sugar or corn syrup will be found – just fill a barley flour, salt and dried yeast with the rest of the ingredients list on a box.

Grape-nuts have joined a list of products that have seen high demand during the epidemic, which is expected to contain Clorox wipes Available for months And a thirst for a normal thirst soon on a run Holiday trees, among other things.


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