Why Giants extended the Oracle Park Center field wall by 10 feet last week

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The good vibes of that Dodgers series did not make it back home the first night. Jeff Samardija took the lead in his first start of the year and the lineup fell to 0–3 against the right-handed early players as the Giants defeated the Padres 5–3.

The Giants placed the leadoff runner in eighth place, but Pablo Sandoval outplayed and Wilmer Floors scored in a double play. At the bottom of the ninth, old friend Drew Pomarnaz came in for Padres and struck out.

It was a quiet home opener for the Giants. Know three things about it here …

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The Giants excluded Summerdijeza from the Dodgers series, but the Padres, who have a lineup full of right-handers, did not provide a soft landing spot.

Fernando Tatis singled out a low slider in the arcade on the right field – a reasonably improbable swing for a qualified one – for a three-run homer. Perhaps the ball is jointed. Perhaps the sycophants have closed, causing the ballpark to change. Or maybe the young shortstop is just a freak who is about to grieve veterans’ lives for the next decade.

Will Myers has done so in recent years, and he became the first player to homer in the new bullpens. Homer was ninth in the past four seasons at Oracle Park for Myers, the most-visited player and the two most behind Kevin Pilar among any player.

Samardijija earned five from four innings and struck out just one. His fastball once hit 92 mph and averaged 90.

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lean Startup

Joe McCarthy was 0-for-0 with three strikes in Los Angeles, but was back on Tuesday against right-hander Kyle Davis. The rookie outfielder struck out his first two at-bats, but it was notable that Donovan Solano pinched for McCarthy in the seventh, though a hard-to-find right on the mound.

McCarthy was not expected to be on the Opening Day roster, but he made the cut when Brandon Belt and Ivan Longoria were hurt. With the belt likely on Thursday, the audition could be over soon.

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Bounce-back outing

Danny Jimenez started the ninth inning, a sneaky-big moment for him and the front office. The Giants were frustrated with his command last Thursday and did not have much time to evaluate the Rule 5 pick, with the Roosters getting 28 players a short cut in a week.

Jimenez went 1-2-3, though it was not a comfortable sailing. He made too many strikes but still missed his spots and Austin Hedges took him to the warning track for the final out. Nevertheless, it was a step in the right direction. Expect the Giants to take him out once or twice in the next week as they continue the evaluation process.

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