Why Finnair Is Weighing Some Of Its Passengers Before They Board


A Finnish airline made headlines this week after weighing a few of its pbadengers earlier than they boarded planes.

Some experiences advised this may turn out to be the airline’s new regular, however in reality, the weigh-ins ran for a restricted time and have been completely voluntary. Still, they’re value discussing for the attention-grabbing motive behind them. 

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Helsinki-based Finnair requested for pbadenger volunteers to be weighed earlier than departing Helsinki Airport. The airline did so to examine its distinctive pbadenger inhabitants towards weight estimates offered by the European Aviation Safety Agency, in line with the airline’s communications director Päivyt Tallqvist. 

Pbadengers who volunteered boarded a scale with their outerwear and carry-on baggage. Their weight was solely seen to the airline clerk, Tallqvist advised HuffPost.

Like many European airways, Finnair depends on pbadenger weight estimates offered by the EASA in 2009, Tallqvist mentioned. They use the estimates together with the weights of checked baggage, plane and cargo to make essential security calculations that have an effect on stability, efficiency and gasoline consumption, she added.

The EASA’s weight estimates put the typical male pbadenger at about 187 kilos and the typical feminine pbadenger at about 147 kilos. However, pbadenger weights can differ by nationality, ticket clbad (for instance, males in firstclbad are inclined to weigh extra than these in financial system, the BBC experiences) and time of 12 months (Finnish pbadengers often contribute extra weight in winter because of their cumbersome coats, Tallqvist mentioned). Finnair desires to gather its personal knowledge so it may be certain what its personal common pbadenger weighs.

“This is part of having a very strong safety culture in our organization,” Tallqvist mentioned. “We want to see if the data we’re using for calculations is accurate. We use them for every flight, and they’re important for the aircraft’s performance. When you explain this to [pbadengers], they understand.”

Finnair is badyzing the outcomes of this week’s take a look at and can weigh about 2,000 extra pbadengers on a voluntary foundation throughout winter and spring, Tallqvist added.

This isn’t the primary airline to interrupt out the scales. In 2013, now-defunct Samoa Airlines attracted media consideration for its follow of charging pbadengers partly primarily based on their weight. In 2015, Uzbekistan Airlines introduced it could weigh pbadengers earlier than boarding, citing an allegedly bogus worldwide airline rule. The airline zapped its program earlier than any weigh-ins came about. The following 12 months, vacationers filed complaints towards Hawaiian Airlines for weighing them earlier than flights to American Samoa, which the airline mentioned was a part of a take a look at just like Finnair’s. 

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