Why ‘Dynamite’ Has Succeeded With American Audiences

On September 8, BTS ‘new single “Dynamite” reached an incredible milestone and ranked No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the second consecutive week. When the song debuted at No. 1 on August 31, BTS made history as the only All-South Korean group to ever debut at number one.

After debuting at number 1 on the BTS song Hot 100, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, Wei, and Jungkook held a press conference on September 2 to celebrate on Siddhi. BTS members were asked how they were able to reach the general public in the US with “dynamite”, and RM gave a plausible answer.

RM of BTS | Rich Fury / Getty Images for IHeartMedia

Why RM feels that BTS song ‘Dynamite’ has performed so well

Since its release, “Dynamite” has broken YouTube, Spotify and Billboard records. It has also become BTS ‘first real radio hit in the US, helping the song’s casual listeners outside the band’s already established fan base.

Asked why the BTS song has performed so well with the American general public, RM gave a thoughtful and honest answer.

“I think it is not an easy question to answer. And, of course, this Hot 100 is not just No. 1 on the Billboard charts, it’s not something you can only get with fan support, ”he said. “It could be our performance, behind our curtains, and what we said, what we did, what we showed.”

He said, “When you do something, when someone does something with honesty, it doesn’t always resonate with other people. Sometimes we do something and it’s not accepted or rewarded … I It seems to be the power of music and the power of performance. ”

RM also admitted that the English song and disco-pop style made the song more accessible to casual listeners.

“I think ‘dynamite’ was more familiar because of the language as well as other elements. The language and disco-pop were familiar to the American public. Something that is easy to sing and together with us. It’s a broad macro-level The message is not there. Sometimes, simple messages are actually found. I say all these factors came together to make this achievement. ”

What is the next goal of BTS?

At the press conference, BTS members were also asked what they wanted to achieve next after the song reached number 1 on the Hot 100.

“We went to Gramiz early in the year and we performed a collaboration. Now I would like to perform only BTS, solo on the stage of the Grammy Awards. “It would be great to get an award, but it’s not going to become a reality just because we want it. We need the help of many people. It is our goal to just perform on the Grammy Awards stage. ”

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RM then stated that he hoped BTS would be nominated and also win a Grammy Award.

He said, “The Grammy Awards are the dreams of all artists who dream.” “Of course, we would like to perform there as well. We would love to be nominated, of course. It would be great to receive the award. This is the direction we should lead. ”

What to expect from the group’s next album

BTS hopes to release a Korean-language album later this year. At the end of the press conference, Jimin told the media that his future songs are as good as “Dynamite”.

“In the future, I hope you keep your eyes on us to achieve your next goal. We really like our song this time, but we also really like our next songs. “I hope you look forward to it.”