Why did Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi break up?

When Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi split after ending up on their fairy tale ABC reality series, the viewers of Graduated Nation were shocked. The couple announced their separation in March 2017, five months after the wrapped show. And while it seems that both Axis are now on good terms, many fans are wondering why Viall and Grimaldi broke up to prepare ABC to resume the ABC and podcast journey. The Bachelor: The Greatest Season – Ever! This monday night.

Nick Viall picks Vanessa Grimaldi in ‘The Bachelor’ season 21

Vanessa Grimaldi and Nick Vile | Ellen Berezowski / Filmmagic

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In Bachelor In the season 21 finale, Viall proposes to Grimaldi, and he accepts his final rose.

Viall said, “I’ll never forget that I fell in love with you.” “This was actually the second rose ceremony. Just being next to you, I felt something very special. Every moment since then, I have been in love with you. ”

Then wrapped up in the show, Grimaldi planned to live with Viall in LA from Montreal.

“It was a decision that we both made together and we are both very happy at that decision,” Grimaldi told E! News in May 2017. “Both of our families are very happy that we are together and we are starting our lives together.”

Nick Villa and Vanessa Grimaldi break up after ‘The Bachelor’

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Months later Bachelor As Season 21 aired, Viall and Grimaldi faced several breakup rumors. Then in August 2017, the couple announced their split in a joint statement. Every week weekly, Viall and Grimaldi wrote:

This is a huge loss for both of us as we have decided to end our engagement. We gave our all to this relationship and we are sad that we did not get the fairy tale we expected. We will remain there for each other no matter what happens. This is not an easy decision, however, as we participate, we have a lot of love and appreciation for each other.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Grimaldi did not want to leave Montreal. The source also claimed that the former reality star was “not really into full fame.” But in the end, the couple reportedly wanted “different things”.

See this post on Instagram

I didn’t really know what to post for tonight’s episode. A lot of feelings have come for me. But the big difference between how I feel between now and then is that I have a real feeling of being at peace. ⁣ Back when we were filming and after the show ended, I was the most insecure ever. I felt small and insignificant. I will read all the troll comments and ignore the beautiful and thoughtful messages that were coming my way. I questioned my identity and my purpose. I felt lost. felt, add a new relationship to the mix, and everything seemed impossible. One thing to be sure is that @nickviall and I did our best to make it happen. And for this, I am grateful! Later 3 years later, after much healing and self-development, I am truly at peace. I have learned to laugh at petty and hurt comments and embrace thoughtful and meaningful people. I know that my purpose in this life is to help others. Do good I know that I matter. I’m finally feeling like Vanessa again and wow that feels good !! And the best part is that I love the life of me @jbrwolfe from my side that guys, things can feel difficult and unfair at times but that means change is coming. If I hadn’t gone to @bacademyabc then went through a public breakup, people sent me furious comments and messages, I’m not the person I am today: flexible. In the end, it will always make sense. always

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Since then Viall files While doing a podcast with guest Katilyn Bristow, Viall suggested that Grimaldi’s on-screen drama with Richel Lindsey and Raven Gates did not last long.

“When I ended up with Vanessa – she didn’t get along with Rachel and Raven – for different reasons,” Wile said. “But I guess we didn’t stay long because I’m suddenly like ‘I’m sorry, I’m not like that – like a crazy approach.” I will try to defend him. I certainly did not want to protect her the way she wanted me to protect her. ”

Vial also said that this was one of the couple’s “biggest problems.” But even then, the former graduate has no regrets about choosing Grimaldi.

“Even with Vanessa, we didn’t work out, but … that’s what I fell for,” Viall told us in August 2020. “I was crazy about him and I have no regrets about that kind of stuff.”

Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi are now friends

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Grimaldi and Viall both left since their breakup in 2017. On 9 August, Grimaldi became engaged to her boyfriend, Josh Wolfe.

“August 9, 2020 will be my favorite day of my life forever !!!!!!!!!!!” She wrote on Instagram. “@Jbrwolfe you are my everything and I will never be with you and be with you !!!!!!”

Viall also congratulated his ex. “Thank God I followed you a week ago to hear this news,” he wrote. “Congratulations to both of you! Lucky man. ”

Meanwhile, Grimaldi recently attacked Viall Single Re-capture the tell-all pattern. On August 31, while speaking with Hollywood Life, Vial revealed that he is still in good terms with Grimaldi.

“The lines of communication are open. It is not that we have decided to be best friends and talk regularly. But, apparently, it left the door open that she actually felt comfortable reaching out to him and wished him congratulations when she got engaged. “I think that happened two weeks after the episode was recorded. So I guess where is it now?”

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