Why did Brendan Skoll, JLO’s trans nibbling decide to tell his story

Brendan said that personally inviting the whole world into something where his own journey with his gender identity is a big undertaking, Brendan said the decision was an easy one. He said, “The big reason I feel comfortable telling my story is because I knew that when I was discovering who I was and I was getting to know myself, I wanted a story like mine, which I can go and see. ” “And that I can look back on, ‘other people have gone through this’ and there’s just that kind of support, like I’m not the only one who’s walking.”

That decision was born Take me away, A stirring documentary short that portrays an intimate portrait of Brendan and his family. The 24-minute film produced by Ithaca Films in partnership with The Trevor Project left no stone unturned to extend an up-and-coming journey that challenged the entire family and led Brendan to commit suicide before his art And the increasing support of his house saved him. , Paving the way for them to advocate.

Given the totality of his story on camera at such a young age – he was only 16 when the film’s shooting was not completed. “There were definitely moments where I had to like myself before speaking,” Brendan said. “Because, obviously, it talked about a very dark subject. Constantine helped create this place. [where] It was perfectly fine for me to say, ‘Hey, all I need is a minute to center myself and … deal with things.’

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