Why can’t there be a royal reunion with Prince Harry and Meghan

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle probably won’t be getting a royal reunion any time soon – according to a source close to a couple calling it “a little one”, assuming they will fly home for Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were widely rumored to be home from California, after it emerged that they had been invited to attend the Queen’s annual birthday parade of the color on 12 June in London.

The queen – who will turn 95 – said the event wanted as many royals as possible, the first national celebration in the UK since the onset of the epidemic.

However, a source close to the couple was quick to distance him from earlier reports that said he “set his sights” on a retreat and “attended a lot of family events”, the Telegraph said.

“It is a little difficult for any of us to guess whether we can go anywhere this summer,” the insider said in a UK paper.

The rumored reunion would already be over a year after the Duke and Duchess were with the other royals. The couple’s last public appearance in the UK before “Meguxit” was in March last year.

The UK is currently under a strict lockdown – a single banning socializing in individual homes – and a final decision on the trooping of the color parade will be made in the spring, The Telegraph said.

Mark was also forbidden from attending his royal wedding due to going to Britain for an ongoing case against Mail in the newspaper on Sunday for sending a letter to his father.

Reportedly, the trip has now been delayed, but now the trial has been postponed.


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