Why ‘Cancel Netflix’ is trending

Groups of conservative instigators, QAnon supporters, and others on social media have jumped on the release of the French upcoming film cuties And a trending “cancel Netflix” hashtag to link the company with pedophilia.

This is not the first time that people have tried to cancel Netflix. Republicans tried it in 2018 after Netflix confirmed that it had signed a multilateral agreement with Barack and Michelle Obama to produce a series of titles. Earlier this year, people threatened to cancel Netflix 365 days, A film in which petitioners glorified sexual violence against women. And, at the same time when people are calling others to cancel Netflix cuties, As is a petition from fans of the show Jessica jones, OA, And Anne with an e, Hosting a “Cancel Netflix” campaign to try to focus on your favorites Chains that have been canceled.

But some of those campuses are very straightforward – Republicans don’t like Obamas, Jessica jones Fans want more Jessica Jones – cuties The situation gets complicated very quickly. It is troubling that young girls are bothered by the way QAnon supporters are used on a poster in a marketing campaign as evidence that their dangerous conspiracy theories are real.

Okay, let’s back up.

What is it cutiesThe

Directed by Mamouna Doukoure, cuties There is a French film which criticizes the sexualization of girls in society. The film follows an 11-year-old Senegal girl living in Paris who dreams of joining a local dance group. She decides to resist her parents’ strict home and tries to make a name for herself by joining up with other girls dancing on her way through competitions.

cuties “Uses uncomfortable images to provoke a serious conversation about the sexualization of girls – specifically about girls of color, the doubling of a girl’s sexuality, second-rate, social media’s impact on children and how Children learn these behaviors, “one critic wrote but Roger Ebert. Dourche’s intention is to show that “our children should have time to have children,” she explained. Time Magazine this month. To use the fantasy about exploited youth, Dauquer wants to hit home how important innocence is, and how much it has taken for today.

The film also won the World Cinema Dramatic Directing Award at the Sundance Film Festival this year, and was widely praised for its depiction of boyhood pressures. Netflix Acquires Global Streaming Rights for Film Variety Remember that time cuties Will be translated into more than 40 languages. Under Netflix’s umbrella, the film would flow to 190 different regions, with Netflix operating except in France, where it had domestic distribution.

People had seen the film before the attack started on the film. Criticized criticisms cuties And Doucoure came from people who saw a poster and believed that the film was a thing, and as the backlash grew, it became clear that the criticism was unsatisfying, to see that the film was sitting on the sidelines without looking. Was based. That’s why Netflix made it worse.

Netflix’s Gough

Despite the current film for some time, it was not until August that people actually became aware of it.

In August, Netflix tweeted a teaser of the film’s release date that came with a new poster. Designed by the Netflix team, the new poster seemed to present a different kind of film that was made by a doucheer. The original French poster framed the main cast of the girls in this way – young girls, roaming the streets of Paris, walking around shopping bags and having fun. Now removed posters of Netflix posted girls as older characters, similar to posters like other dance films Come forward. Here is a simultaneous comparison.

By the time Netflix tweeted the poster, the film’s 11-year-old went on to post a tweet describing Amy’s “getting fascinated with the dancing crew”, calling for Netflix to post. Those tweets again snowballed into a somewhat different Change.org campaign that defied Netflix’s decision to carry the film, which had tens of thousands of signatures. Within a few days, Netflix had removed the poster and used various artwork for the film on its stage.

“We deeply regret the inappropriate artwork we used cuties,“Post a statement for Netflix Read accounts on 20 August. “It was not good, nor was it representative of this French film which won an award at Sundance.”

Removing a statement and poster did not clear everything. By 3 September, a Turkish media watch group demanded a ban on the film from Netflix in Turkey, over concerns that the film promoted social exploitation, Reuters Reported. Several high-profile, conservative commentators also picked up on the story. They started tweeting Netflix “Grooming Kids” And argue This is “pedophilia soft-porn”. Former NRA spokesman Dana Loche Netflix demanded “Eliminate the film altogether”. The accusations on Netflix also told Doukore his way time limit He received countless death threats.

“I received many attacks from people who had not seen the film, who thought I was actually making a film that was apologetic about the hyper-sexualization of children.”

Dossray was supported by celebrities and high-profile Twitter users alike, including Tessa Thompson, who said she was Upset about Netflix’s marketing campaign. Thompson said she understands people’s reaction to the post, “but it doesn’t speak for the film I saw.” Then, at that time, a lot of complaints were coming from people who had not seen the film, while the rescue came from those who had.

As Rolling stoneThe reviewer wrote in his review of the film, “From the context, the girls’ outfits look attractive and trashy; Seen in context, costumes as competing for a grand prize for a hip-hop dance troupe, you understand how they act in relation to a big-picture message that Doucor is trying to get across . “

Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos asked Dacoree to personally apologize for the poster he created. She is currently working on another project for Netflix and told time limit Despite the negativity associated with the poster, she has several further conversations with Netflix to avoid this happening in the future.

A new wave of attacks

“Cancel Netflix” trend picks up again on September 9 cuties‘Release. But unlike the original controversy a few weeks ago, attacks online became far more aggressive and targeted.

the fact that cuties Streaming on Netflix, considered as “liberal”, is a large entertainment company with deep tech roots. Tech companies with liberal-leaning policies have found themselves at the center of anger and discourse from right-wing and conservative groups. Netflix decided to carry a suggestive film of this nature and easily lent them to critics.

Critics posting on Twitter and Instagram were tagged, who positively reviewed the film, touting them as threatening material, but it was also a way to increase harassment against those authors. Conservative instigators like Steven Crowder and conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones praised the video dedicated to excluding “leftist media” cuties. Authors and personalities from conservative publications The Daily Caller And Breitbart Also criticized the content of the film.

Actress Evan Rachel Wood posted a series of Instagram stories about the film’s child abuse. Republican Senator Josh Hawley commented Netflix “might like to talk about it before Congress,” a retweet Daily caller Columnist. Senator Ted Cruz is called Netflix Moving the film is “deeply disturbing.” On Rotten Tomatoes, the film received rave reviews from the audience, describing the film as sick and twisted.

Unfortunately, a marketing effort to promote a coming-of-age film took on a life beyond Netflix and Doucor, conspiracy theories about deep-rooted pedophilia rings in Hollywood – a popular theory within the QN Circle – Caught the story.

A group of QAnon supporters, who believe that Hollywood is controlled by the pedophile’s cabal, is seized at the backlash. Tweets tweeted with hashtags such as #SaveTheChildren – known for their connections to the group – began to populate, and soon it was a veritable storm of anger cuties It had nothing to do with the film.

Not all those who openly support QAON are criticized. But makes backlash cuties An easy target for QAnon supporters to spread conspiracy theories. The focus has shifted away from the actual film, including the actual purpose and contextual use of certain scenes due to the revival. But wrote him as a critic Rolling stone Review, cuties Not a “salty bit of pedo-bat” designed to appeal to the baser trend rather than the superior angels.


Along with all the criticism and feedback that led to the #CancelNetflix trending, there has also been a show of support for Dakore cuties. Many film critics have tweeted positively about the film and director, with their own self-published reviews. Her words echoed the message that Doukori served to show in her film: giving viewers the chance to experience that she was “not going to be a little 11-year-old girl in today’s society and not judge her”, as That he told the film site Shadow and act. Netflix also released a statement that defied criticism and supported Dakore’s film.

cuties A Netflix spokesperson reported that there is a social comment against sexual abuse of young children The ledge. “This is an award-winning film and a powerful story about pressured young girls who thrive on social media and more generally from society – and we would encourage anyone who cares about these important issues to watch the film Does. “

cuties The message may be lost in a sea of ​​backlash, online rage, and conspiracy theories that have found themselves linked to the film, but Doucoure wanted to tell a story that was close to her own life. In interviews given by him, he has hoped that people will decide whether they think it is good or bad before watching the film.

“One of my messages would be that childhood is precious and we all have to protect our children,” she told Shadow and act. “We all have to come together to find out what is best for our children so that we can give our children a beautiful place to grow safe and peacefully, so that they can have the freedom to choose Who wants to be and the best version of themselves. “