Why Brazilians have to take Kovid’s crisis into their own hands – Podcast | news

Rachel Humphries Talk to the Guardian’s Latin America correspondent, Tom phillipsRegarding the Kovid crisis in Brazil. The rise in infections associated with a new and seemingly more contagious version has overwhelmed Amazonas state hospitals, which leave many without basic supplies. The conditions were so bleak that oxygen tankers were moved from Venezuela to the border, with its leader Nicholas Maduro, the economically-demolished nation next door, calling it “the public disaster of Zaire Bolsonaro”.

Tom describes Rachel as the way the public has reacted to Bolsonaro and his government to deal with this latest wave of infection. Inoculation began last Sunday, weeks after other Latin American countries such as Chile, Mexico. But Brazil, which has 212 million citizens, has so far received only 6m of China’s Coronavac shot and 2m of the AstraZeneca / Oxford vaccine.

Collection: YouTube – Airside TV – Manaus tour; BBC News; G 1; sky News; Kondzilla – Bomb Bomb Tam Tam (2021); al Jazeera; Bloomberg; France 24

Photograph: Marcio James / AFP / Getty Images

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