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Why are there so many coyotes in big cities?

You’re walking down a city street at dusk when you see movement in a nearby alley: a flurry of grayish-brown hair and pointy ears searching for dinner. As you get closer, you realize that it is a coyote. But coyotes are larger than the average city creature, like mice, squirrels, and pigeons, so what are these predators doing in big cities from Los Angeles to New York City, and how do they manage to survive?

CoyotesCanis latrans) used to be found only in the grasslands and deserts of central and western North America. But in the 1800s, the amount of open land soared as European-Americans and other settlers transformed the landscape through widespread logging and agricultural development. This created more open habitats in the eastern states, and the coyotes moved away, expanding their range. At the same time, humans tried to exterminate Wolves Y cougars, which decreased the coyotes’ food competition, according to Kathleen Kerwin, a program associate with the Rutgers University Wildlife Conservation and Management Program in New Jersey.

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