Why are the Dolphins starting Tua Tagovailoa in their first NFL Week 8?

Tua Tagovailoa has been named the Miami Dolphins’ starting quarterback, and will receive his first NFL action against the Los Angeles Rams in Week 8 after his bye week. The time may come as a shock, but Pro Football Network insider Benjamin Elbright shed some light on the situation in recent times PFN Weekly.

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Why are the Dolphins starting Tua Tagovelloa early in the season?

In Tuesday’s edition of PFN Weekly, Elbright said that the Miami Dolphins are making the move, partly because they need to see how Tua Tagovelloa performs in live action. Why? They hold the 2021 first round of the Houston Texans and want to know if they should appear at quarterback in the offseason or if indeed Tua is their franchise quarterback.

PFN Weekly is embodied at the end of this article and talks about Albright Tua and why the Dolphins named him a starter at the top of the show. Scroll down to see the section, which starts around 2:15.

“The Dolphins understand that they’ve got a Houston Texans draft pick, and that draft pick is going to be too much. They want to know if they need to look into a quarterback with that draft pick, or if they need to see their man in Tua. Got it. So, they are ready to roll the dice, even if they are competitive, to see what they’ve got this season. Is that a guy or are they going to the Josh Rosen / Kylar Murray position Where have they beaten him and proceeded in any season? ”

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Allbright also highlighted the fact that Tua was scheduled to return to action in the second half of the game against the Denver Broncos, which was originally scheduled in week 6 before he hit the NFL. This would have given the Dolphins’ coaching staff and front office an opportunity to evaluate Tua as they had in the original Buy Week 11.

Instead, Tua watched a series of live action With his banging victory over the New York Jets in Week 6 and now with Shift Shift, the Dolphins will have at least ten games to evaluate Tua and make sure that he is indeed their quarterback of the future.

Looking at Tua’s college years in Aluama

Tua dropping out of high school was an elite prospect. He was the 32nd player in his class and the number one dual-threat quarterback. He had offers from 16 schools, 15 power fives and his hometown of the University of Hawaii. In the end, Tagovailoa took his talents to Tuscaloosa to play for Egoma.

Coming in as a freshman, Tagovelloa was named Jalan Hurts’ backup, but that didn’t stop him from seeing significant playing time. Alabama was so dominating that they often had large leads, allowing Tagovailoa to see the field for large parts of the game with multiple backups.

But it was a warm-up for the time where the Crimson Tide needed him the most – the 2017-2018 National Championship game against Jake Sem and the Georgia Bulldogs. Trailing 13–0, Tua took over for Hurts, who scored three of eight for 21 yards in the first half.

Taking the team out of the tunnel in the second half, Tua responded by throwing for 166 yards and three touchdowns to lead the Crimson Tide to a 26–23 victory. He was named MVP of the National Championship for his comeback performance.

And from that moment on, he never did a job. Tagovailoa made his first start to start the 2018 season and dominated the college football landscape with 3,966 yards, 43 touchdowns and just six interceptions. He entered the 2019 season Near-unanimous top prospect NFL Draft for 2020.

NFL fanbase encourages its teams to ‘tank tooa’

The phrase ‘tank for tank’ flew like a rocket among many fans during the 2019 NFL season, but none more than the Miami Dolphins, who were one of the NFL’s worst teams at the start of the season.

The call to the tank became stronger as Tua continued to show the world that he was an elite prospect. In fact, fans of the Dolphins – and many other fans – infamously debate each other every Sunday about the balance between losing and creating a winning culture.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, Tua averaged 316 passing yards and four touchdowns per game. But unfortunately, injuries will get in the way of his dream of being taken for the first time in the 2020 NFL Draft.

In the weeks after the season, Teana suffered a high ankle sprain against Tennessee. The injury was so severe that he needed to undergo surgery. However, he was able to return three weeks later, although he was short-lived. In just the second game after his return, Tagovailoa dislocated his hip, and immediately, questions began to arise about his college football and NFL career.

Many would compare the injury to Bo Jack Jackson, eventually ending his career. But Tua set himself on a path to recover and participated in a Pro Day that was put into action by people training him for the NFL Draft. And after answering several medical questions before the start of the draft, Tua was once again a top prospect.

However, she was not selected in the first quarter – that honor went to Joe Burrow of the Cincinnati Bengals – she landed with the Dolphins, who had the fifth pick overall. And now, in the seventh game of the Dolphins’ season, Tua Tagovelloa made his first NFL start against Aaron Donald and the Los Angeles Ram.

PFN Weekly: About Tra Tagovelloa, Allbright made his first NFL debut in Week 8

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