Why AP called Michigan for Biden

Why BIDEN was called for:

Democrat Joe Biden has won the electoral battleground of Michigan, the third state made by President Donald Trump in 2016, with the former vice president flipping over. Biden’s victory marked Trump’s re-election route.

Biden was declared the state’s winner on Wednesday at 5:56 pm EST after the Associated Press analyzed the votes and the remaining ballots were to be counted. It showed that there were not enough votes left in Republican-leaning areas for Trump to capture Biden’s leadership.

Biden had a 70,000 vote lead on Wednesday evening, nearly 1.3 percentage points over Trump. The ballots to be counted were from the rest of the Democratic regions: Wayne County, home to Detroit; City of Grand Rapids, Michigan’s second largest city; Genesee County; And Kalamazoo.

Michigan is one of a handful of states on the battlefield, where Trump claimed ahead of time Wednesday that he was “winning” the contest with Biden. Both are locked in a tight race for the 270 electors needed to win the presidential election, though Trump’s path is narrow.

“We’re conquering Michigan – let me tell you, I saw the numbers,” Trump said during an appearance at the White House, where he promised to contest before the Supreme Court.

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Later in the day, Trump tweeted that he claimed the state of Michigan “for electoral vote purposes” despite the fact that Biden had jumped into a lead.

Michigan is what Democrats have long referred to as its “blue wall” – a trifecta of states that also include Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – that serve as a bulwark in presidential elections.

In 2016, a combined total of nearly 80,000 voters spread across those states handed Trump the presidency. He led each state by less than one percentage point.

With Biden winning both Michigan and Wisconsin, all eyes are on Nevada and Pennsylvania. Biden had an edge in Nevada on Wednesday evening while Trump was leading in Pennsylvania, though there were still about 1 million votes left to count in the state, many with mail ballots.

Voters who cast mail ballots favored Biden. This is likely because Trump spent months without evidence claiming that voting by mail would lead to widespread voter fraud.


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