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Why an Okla mom. She is “ashamed” that her daughter has the same textbook as Blake Shelton

ADA, Okla. –

A mother in Oklahoma said she is "ashamed" that her daughter has been issued what appears to be the same textbook that Blake Shelton once used, but her displeasure has nothing to do with the 41 – the same one-year country singer and everything related to the age of the book.

Shelly Bryan Parker shared photos on Facebook this week showing her daughter holding an English textbook, and a closer look at the registration page shows that a student named Blake Shelton used the same book during the school year. 1982.

"Marley is EXCITED that her & # 39; new & # 39; reader belonged to Blake Shelton, ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡40 and these people are my age !!! "Parker wrote about the decades-old textbook, which is clearly worn in his photos.

While some commentators on Facebook criticized Parker's publication and claimed that "literature is timeless," teachers came to his defense.

"The teaching methods, the standards and the curriculum should (and hopefully) improve [sic] the years." A 35-year textbook [ago] belongs to a museum! "Wrote Barbara Dodge.

Shelton himself has not confirmed that the book was his, although he did grow up in Ada, the same city where Parker now lives, and Shelton would have been school-age in 1982.

Parker's publication on the previous book comes When thousands of teachers around Oklahoma, which is located at the bottom of the nation in teacher salaries, organize demonstrations to demand more funds for public education.

Gob. Mary Fallin approved the first teacher salary increase in more than a decade at the end of last month, but the state's largest teacher union continues to push for additional tax collection plans.

Oklahoma protests follow a nine-day teacher strike in West Virginia, and similar demonstrations take place in Kentucky and Arizona.

"Thank you to all the teachers / parents / support staff / etc. for fighting for my children's education! Do not give up until the education is FULLY FINANCED !!!!" Parker told the teachers who showed it in their publication.


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