Why Aaron Rodgers’ Instagram Activity Is Raising Eyebrows

Aaron Rodgers is a high-profile public figure, causing people to closely follow his social media accounts. They keep track of the accounts you follow and whether you like certain posts. Recently, the Green Bay Packers quarterback has drawn attention for reasons other than his commitment to Shailene Woodley.

According to Awesemo.comRodgers follows an Instagram account for The Globalshift Movement, which has stoked fears about the COVID-19 vaccine. The profile features many posts on whether to take the COVID-19 vaccine or eat fruits, vegetables, and herbs instead. There are also several other posts about news stations and the “programming” of fear in people. Rodgers has apparently liked some of these posts.

The creator of the account revealed that Rodgers had interacted with the posts by posting a screenshot on Instagram Stories. The image showed that 330 people had seen a particular post and that the Packers’ QB was among them. The Global Change Movement also labeled Rodgers in History.

“I posted this a year ago. I feel the same. I don’t care what game this is … My immune system is healthy and strong, because I eat food that grows on this earth and I focus on good energy,” he wrote the account of the Global Change Movement in a publication that shows a small warrior (coronavirus) standing at the feet of a gigantic warrior (immune system). “I don’t watch the news or listen to the radio. They have no integrity or honor.”

The publication continued and touched on the concept of propaganda. The message said that people are being brainwashed and that they are celebrating injecting “unknown and unnatural energy” into their bodies.

There are various discussions on social media about the vaccine as more and more doses become available. Some people are eager to get the injection and have cited reports from John Hopkins University that the vaccines have shown “no serious safety problems.” Others, however, have still said they will not get the vaccine.


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