Why a negative test does not go beyond COVID

October 3, 2020 – Since the recent presidential debate, at least 11 people involved in the incident have tested positive for COVID-19, questioning how the virus remains horrendously there despite precautions to be taken Walk, which included testing for everyone there.
The Cleveland Clinic monitored the incident. In a statement released on Friday, it said it needed to have a safe environment that was aligned with the CDC guidelines – including social disturbances, hand cleaning, temperature checks and masking. “Most importantly, everyone was tested negative for all COVID-19 before entering the debate. Individuals traveling with both candidates, including the candidates themselves, were tested negatively and tested by their respective campaigns. Was. ”
It is unclear what kind of tests were used by the candidates, but the White House has reportedly relied on the Abbott ID Now test, which it uses to screen visitors and the president daily.
Rapid tests such as ID Now are convenient, and they can return results in 15 minutes, but they are not as accurate as gold standard PCR tests that require lab processing and return results in 1-2 days .
The FDA warned in May that the test could produce false negative results. Studies have found that the test misses between 1 to 3 and 1 in 7 in positive cases.
The FDA advised that anyone testing negative on ID have their results confirmed with a different testing method. It is unclear whether the White House is conducting this confirmation test.
Infectious disease specialist at the Toronto General Research Research Institute, Isaac Bogoche, says tests miss COVID cases for several reasons.
According to Isaac Bogoch, an infectious disease specialist at the Toronto General Hospital Research Institute, the test misses COVID cases for several reasons.
“Sometimes the sample is not collected properly. Sometimes there is a problem with the device, and a person can be positive but cannot shed the virus yet. Those are some of the reasons that come to mind, ”he says.
The virus that causes COVID-19 to enter the body has to enter our cells and corrupt their operating instructions, so that it can churn more copies of itself to infect more cells and make more copies. . It takes a few days for this copy to be detected on a test.


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