Who will be the first to apply the COVID-19 vaccine?

Who will be the first to apply the COVID-19 vaccine?

No decision has been made, but there is a general consensus among many experts in the US and globally that health care workers should be first, SEMA Sagair of the Surgical Foundation, a nonprofit group working on vaccine allocation issues Huh.

An expert panel advising the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is considering giving high priority to people working in essential industries, people with certain medical conditions, and those 65 and older.

Once the vaccine receives the green light from the Food and Drug Administration, the panel will react to clinical trial data on side effects and people of different ages, ethnicities and health conditions. This will determine the panel’s recommendations to the CDC on how to prioritize shots.

State officials are expected to follow the CDC’s guidance as they first distribute vaccines.

Vaccine supply will be limited at first. It will not be enough to protect everyone, yet getting shots to the right people can change the course of the epidemic.

Many other questions about distribution remain unanswered, such as those mentioned, such as distributing shots evenly across the country, or focusing on areas that are hot spots.


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