Who will be included in phase 1C of the vaccine in Kentucky?

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – As of Monday, the state of Kentucky had vaccinated about 12.5% ​​of the state’s population. Next Monday, more than a million additional people will be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine.

On March 1, regional vaccine sites in Kentucky will move to phase 1C. That group includes those over 60 and anyone 16 years of age or older with high-risk health conditions. It also adds dozens of jobs to the roster of essential workers, including postal service, food and agriculture workers, grocery store clerks, IT and communication, media, and members of the clergy.

In total, the state lists 19 professions considered essential. Recently, there have been some changes about who has priority.

“Child care providers have been added to 1B, particularly with returning schools across Kentucky, you will see a growing need for child care, so that’s a group that is being looked out for,” Kevin Hall of Lexington-Fayette County Health Department said.

Some people in group 1C have already been vaccinated.

For weeks, people in Phase 1C were able to get vaccinated as long as the sites prioritized older Kentucky residents. If there was an open appointment, they could vaccinate someone at 1C so the state would use the readily available vaccine.

The state says that group includes 1.3 million people. Therefore, anyone over the age of 70 who has not yet been vaccinated may want to make an appointment soon.

“When this opens on March 1 at 1C, it will be much more difficult for people 70 and older to get a chance. It is estimated that 1C in Lexington is about a third of the population, ”Hall said.

It is important to note that only state-operated regional vaccination sites will likely move to phase 1C. In the rest of the cases, it will only depend on where they are in their vaccination schedule.

Governor Beshear encouraged all vaccine sites to continue to prioritize people from Phase 1A and 1B, even when 1C appointments are scheduled.

The Fayette County Health Department told us that they would continue to focus on those over 70 for now.

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